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What happened to all the links I posted?

>> No.869  

Use the reply function correct, and post pictures not links.

>> No.870  

OK. will do.
I just thought I'd spare you the work of having to take them down on copyright grounds, afterwards. Cheers!

>> No.874  

Can't you at least post a warning before deleting a post.

>> No.950  

I respected what you said and posted pictures not links. although...
...I've watched this site carefully for a while and saw that the page count doesn't go over 16. What's happening with all the pictures that were posted before? And what's the point of posting pictures if they are, apparently, deleted after a while?

I'm just curious, don't take this as a critique, because it isn't. I know it's hard work to keep a site like this running and I appreciate your effort and what you're doing for everybody through it.

Cheers and good luck.

>> No.951  

it would be nice if the pictures people posted would get put into a gallery every 2 months or so.
hopefully someone is keeping the pics.

>> No.952  

This is a CHAN Board, it has limited storage, and if you open with every post / Picture a new Thread, instead of relaying to a thread many new threads are created, and the old one will expire fast. So i depends on the user behavior. I donĀ“t know usually there is a archive with old posts using a different URL.

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