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I learn that people don't worry about what you are wearing. Too busy to know what you are thinking about themselves!

Wear your overalls proudly, but keep those blue denim overalls for days off and everything will go easy.

>> No.6765  

I grew up during a
time when overalls were popular and were mostly worn by girls... however a few boys wore them, also. I asked my parents to buy me overalls, but I was told 'no'. I didn't discover how awesome overalls were until I was an adult and bought myself a few pairs online. I felt very excited while I put on the overalls and adjusted them. Staring at myself in the mirror and admiring how I looked while wearing overalls became a fetish for me. However, the main reasons why I bought the overalls was because I loved how they felt on my body and that I wanted to wear them in public. I wear my overalls everyday, but usually cover up the bib before going out, by wearing a shirt over the overalls, so it appears as if I'm just wearing baggy pants. My goal is to stop covering up the overalls and wear them openly, bib and all.

>> No.6766  

Same as you. I wear overalls everyday as very comfortable and love the feel. I started off by only wearing a couple of days with em covered up then began to go to overalls only and has been perfect. Then I began wearing openly soon after. I then made a rule that my overalls must be fully showing when i wear. It all went good and then i took the last step and said i should be sleeping in em as well so i can be comfortable at night. It is a process but you will get there and will wear openly with whatever brands you have. Overalls only is the best and glad you switched to overalls only.

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