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I was around 10 when I saw this older boy wearing an overall outfit.
Please, mom, please! … OK, but you must wear them often. I grew up in overalls, many pairs over the years.
And came college and university, I forgot about overalls. And Boy Bands take all the places.
Just after the COVID, one of my students came to class wearing OVERALLS. (electronic, 18 years old and more)
So, I am a worker and workers wear overalls. I try, one day after an other and everybody seems to find this normal.
I don’t have to please mom and can buy all the overalls I want. More than 12 pairs, mostly Carharth and Dickies. Even keep one or two pair in my car trunk, maybe in case of an atomic war!
I am addict, please help me!

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Me too.

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Salo: Do you wear overalls everyday? It's great that you get to wear what you want. It's good that other people accept you for who you are and don't judge you by what kind of clothes you like to wear. Be proud of your addiction, because it isn't an unhealthy one.

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