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File: 1710461224721.jpg -(62361 B, 389x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
62361 No.6734  

Opinion: reasons why wearing overalls with the bib down is not the best idea:
1.) Wearing the bib down is not practical for work or activities that require bending and moving, as the overalls may slip down. Wearing the bib up and fastening both of the straps helps keep the overalls in place and ensures that the overalls don’t slide down as you move around.
2.) The bib often has pockets, so wearing it up allows you to use these pockets to carry items.
3.) With the bib down, you lose the additional coverage and protection for your clothes underneath.
4.) The unfastened straps could potentially cause a tripping hazard if they're not secured.
5.) It increases the likelihood of the bib or straps getting caught or snagged on something since they are loose.
6.) When it's cold, having the bib up helps retain body heat by covering your chest and back.
7.) If you prefer a classic workwear look, having the bib hang down may not align with your taste.
8.) If the straps restrict your movement, you can still wear the bib up and keep both straps fastened. Simply, adjust both straps so that they aren't fastened too tightly.

>> No.6735  

Bib up is the best way i agree. I always use bib to store things and its more comfortable that way. I only wear overalls and its best when overalls are worn up with bib showing. If anything causes bib to be covered like jackets i do not wear as i must have bib showing and visible at all times.Especially when i sleep as more comfortable when sleeping and phone goes in bib pocket at night.

>> No.6736  

One important thing to add:
9.) If you are a CIS male and want wo use the urinal, the bib is in the way when it hangs down. One has to hold it up and if it flaps down unexpectedly it makes some unpleasant wet spots.

>> No.6737  
File: 1710792164043.jpg -(1280747 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

10.) Conclusion: If you wear your overalls with the bib down, then don't wear overalls. Isnt the whole idea of wearing overalls because you DONT want to wear normal pants but instead wear something that has a bib and straps? People wearing overalls with the bib down makes my blood boil. Wear overalls properly with both straps attached and the bib pulled up high because: 1: you dont like wearing pants and prefer the chest hugging sensation of overalls. 2. you like how overalls look and fit on your body, so never even think about covering them. So, dont abuse your overalls by wearing them with the bib down, either pull them up and wear them properly or donate your overalls to someone who does enjoy wearing overalls properly and wear your boring, ugly normal pants instead.

I added a picture of me wearing my brown Dickies overalls as an example.

>> No.6739  

You are absolutely right. Bib must be worn up fully or otherwise no good. That said i will add to that my rule. Bib must be visible at all times when worn. For me i say especially when i sleep as i also only sleep in my dickies overalls. If something is going to cover it up i do not wear. You have the best example of how to wear and those look amazing on you.

>> No.6743  

It makes me very mad -- and annoyed -- whenever I see someone wearing overalls with either the bib hanging down or one strap undone. Another thing that drives me absolutely crazy is when I see people wearing overalls and one or both of the side buttons are left undone. Not being able to fasten all of the side buttons is a sign that your overalls don't fit correctly. Why not buy the next size up, so you're able to fasten all of the side buttons? I don't want to walk by one of "those people" and catch a glimpse of their underwear, or lack of, through the gap where the side buttons aren't fastened! Sorry to say it, but this is my honest opinion.

>> No.6745  
File: 1711068462652.jpg -(1281664 B, 1224x1224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was a slow day at work and I got kind of bored. So I started playing around with the strap adjusters on my overalls.
I pulled the adjusters all the way forward and the straps got longer. The bib of my overalls began to drop in height and started to curl forward and droop. The top of the bib was now positioned near the middle of my stomach. My straps, now at full length, were no longer able to support the bib and hold it flat against my chest. The buckles started to jingle against the buttons on the bib. If I were to have made a sharp motion with my shoulders, the straps might have come unhooked off the buttons; the bib would have fallen on my lap.
I held onto my left strap and started to slide the adjuster back as far as it would go, until it was positioned behind my back. The buckle was nice and snug on my shoulder and it jingled less now. But the right side of my overalls bib still drooped loosely away from my chest. I now had to adjust the right strap, to make both straps even in length.
Never before, had I ever bothered to adjust my straps as short and as snug as they would go. I was amazed at the way the bib now sat higher on my chest. I shifted in my chair. With every movement I made, the bib also moved with me. The straps gently tugged at my shoulders. I had finally found the perfect way to wear my overalls. So I decided not to mess around with the straps anymore and keep them short.

>> No.6746  

I did the same with mine when i switched to overalls only. It is better feeling that way. I to work a job in overalls as i work from home taking calls and its great. A friend also convinced me to sleep in overalls as well which is great. Always great to have adjusters on overalls short for a perfect feeling. Yours look amazing as well.

>> No.6752  
File: 1712631597681.jpg -(454199 B, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>6737 I like the tan Dickies. I would like to add a tan and a black Dickies to my collection. So far, I only have stonewashed and indigo blue.

>> No.6753  

The dickies you have look amazing on you. I want to add those as well especially the black dickies. Right now i just have two dark blue dickies as part of my collection along with other brands as i only wear overalls. My dickies are mostly for sleeping in but i do wear out from time to time and when time comes i need to add the above like you want to.

>> No.6754  

Rather for 6752

>> No.6755  

The 'Stonewashed Indigo Blue' Dickies overalls (style: 8396) are made of lightweight denim and are not as thick and heavy as the darker 'Indigo Blue'
overalls (style:83294). This makes the stonewashed style perfect for wearing during warmer weather, because you won't get as hot in them. The 'Indigo Blue' overalls are made of thick, heavy denim, which makes them sturdier and more durable for working in. They would be able to withstand more wear and tear than the lighter-weight stonewashed style could.

>> No.6756  

You’re welcome and agreed. I eventually will get the light blue as well along with a black from eBay. Dickies are great overalls to wear and love wearing out and sleeping in them.

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