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149124 No.6713  

Hide the bib and straps & no one will know youre wearing overalls!

>> No.6714  

I understand it can be daunting to wear them out in public, but after you do, you will feel that sense of euphoria. As long as you wear them proudly with a smile, loving life and showing confidence, and standing by your fashion choice, other people will respect and even admire you! What helped me was wearing them with a shirt or jacket open first, and then when it got warmer, I started wearing them with just a t-shirt. I felt so happy afterwards. :)

>> No.6716  

>>6714 Not all of us have the courage to use them freely. Using them under a sweatshirt or jacket is the only way to feel comfortable wearing them, so I respect your choice.

>> No.6717  

Oh, I know. I didn't have the courage either. I wasn't confident. It takes a while to train the mind. It took me years. I used to have my shirt buttoned up over it but leave a little bit of bib showing until gradually I started unbuttoning the shirt in public. Then I started wearing the bib down during the summer. I saw a teen boy wearing overalls in a college under his hoodie. One of his straps wasn't connected and it was hanging, and so I just knew he was wearing overalls underneath. He must feel the same about wearing them in public. I think yours look great in your photo and I can tell they suit you really well, open and under a hoodie! It's ok to feel nervous. :)

>> No.6718  

When iI first started wearing i was a bit nervous as wellland either covered up or wore bib down. I soon decided i needed to openly wear which i did. I wore in elementary school-high school and then took a small break which i regretted. Once i started working i wore on weekends realizing i was more comfortable in overalls and needed to wear more. Once my switched to wfm i decided i should be overalls only and stocked up so i could do that. Once i did it was suggested to me that i sleep in em as well. From there i switched my dickies to for sleep and all other brands to day wear. Now except for special occasions i wear overalls at all times and it has been great ever since and i get better sleep when in overalls

>> No.6719  

If you're afraid of wearing overalls openly and becoming the only guy on the street dressed like that, which you probably will happen, try to learn a bit more about fashion and use that to create your own style that attracts positive attention. And look for overalls with the right fit for you, considering your body type.

There are ways to wear them without looking like a hillbilly or a slob.

>> No.6721  

Just wear the overalls. I wear whatever I like and my friends very frequently comment that they “could never pull that off but it looks so great on you”.

I tell them the only reason I can pull it off is that I wear it, and when you wear something with confidence people just assume you know what you’re doing!

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