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Do you wear your overalls around your friends or family?


If so, have your family or friends mentioned anything about your overalls in a conversation?


Are they supportive of your preference to wear overalls?


I wanted to hear what your experiences have been. I want to feel confident when wearing my overalls around other people that I know.

>> No.6699  

It has been great. I just recently switched to overalls only and it has been perfect. My friends and family like my overalls and when out in public i get a bunch of compliments. It may take time for the comfort level to get there but it eventually does and you’ll wear more and more.

>> No.6704  

I decided to wear my overalls to my friends house yesterday. I put on an orange hoodie over them, hoping to conceal the straps and the bib.

When I got to my friend's house, I bent over to remove my shoes. While doing that, my hoodie had shifted, revealing the side buttons on my overalls.

My friend was surprised and asked, "dude, are you wearing overalls?"

"Yeah, I am." I said.

My friend looked surprised and said, "Wow, that's cool. I didn't know you liked overalls."

"Yeah, I do." I replied. "I like
them, but I'm too scared to wear them in public."

Anyways, my friend didn't care or mind that I was wearing overalls.

>> No.6705  

Do you wear your jumpsuit with your friends or family?

Whenever I have worn onesies with friends or family it has been with a hoodie or jacket over them covering the straps and bib.

If so, has your family or friends mentioned anything about your monkey in conversation?

They have never made any comments, so I understand that they have not noticed, or have not wanted to comment.

Do they support his preference for wearing overalls?

I can't know, they've never told me anything, and since I live alone, I don't think anyone knows that I have overalls.

I wanted to know what your experiences have been. I want to feel safe when I wear my jumpsuit around other people I know.

The only times I have worn the jumpsuits in public have been with strangers, and although I have sometimes been asked about them, I have always received positive messages, at most out of curiosity.

Personally, I find it very satisfying to wear jumpsuits, but I still prefer to do it in private, since it is something intimate, and no one has to care about it.
I would like to share this pleasure with someone close to me so I can do activities with someone I trust, but for now it has not been possible.
I live in Spain. Although lately some boys have been seen wearing overalls, it is something very exceptional, and practically non-existent in the environment in which I usually move.
If there is anyone with an appreciation for monkeys in the north of Spain, please write to me.

>> No.6760  

My mom made me wear overalls as a kid and I hated them! As soon as I left the house, I would unfasten both of the shoulder straps and pull the bib down. I would tuck the straps and the bib down into the pants part of the overalls, so that they looked like normal baggy pants.

>> No.6761  

I wear around everyone and they compliment in addition to compliments around town. I only wear overalls (even for sleeping)and it’s perfect. It takes time for confidence level to go up but you will get there.it took me 2 months to get there and switch over.

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