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I went to my girlfriend's place the other evening to watch a movie with her. I wore my overalls. She was surprised to see me in overalls for the first time.

She told me that I looked "like a hunk in overalls" and that they looked "really cute" on me.

When we were watching the movie, she started playing with my overalls. She unbuckled my left strap and then unbuckled my right strap. My overalls bib fell down into my lap.

"Oh no!" I yelled. "My overalls have come undone! You better fasten me back up!"

We both laughed. She gently lifted up the bib and held it against my chest. She reached for my
left strap and fastened it back to the bib. Then she reached for my right strap and fastened it back to the bib.

She patted the front of my bib.

It was the best night ever and I was surprised that she was so turned-on about my overalls!

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