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The day of the presentation was finally here. I had been preparing for weeks, researching and practicing my topic. I was confident that I had the most original and informative presentation in the class. I was going to teach everyone about the different ways that overalls can be worn.

I walked into the classroom, wearing my favorite pair of Big Smith rigid denim overalls and a white T-shirt. I smiled at my classmates, who looked at me with curiosity and amusement. I sat and waited for my turn.

"Next up, we will be talking about... overalls?" the teacher announced.

The class erupted in laughter. I felt a surge of nervousness, but I quickly composed myself. I knew I had a great presentation and I was not going to let anyone ruin it.

I cleared my throat and began. "Hello, everyone. There are many ways to wear overalls and I'm going to demonstrate some of them for you."

I walked to the front of the room and pointed to my outfit. "This is the normal way to wear overalls." I said. "Way number one. I am wearing my overalls with the bib up and both straps on top of my shoulders, hooked to the bib."

I then unfastened my left strap and tossed it behind my back. The left side of the bib fell down and the buckle at the end of the left strap dangled behind me. "This is way number two." I said.

I reached back and grabbed my left strap and rehooked the buckle to the bib.

I then unfastened my right strap and tossed it behind my back. The right side of the bib fell down and the buckle at the end of the right strap dangled behind me. "This is way number three." I said.

I reached back and grabbed my right strap and rehooked the buckle to the bib.

I unfastened both of my straps and tossed them behind my back. The entire bib fell down on my lap and both of the buckles at the end of each strap dangled behind me. "This is way number four." I said.

I explained, "These are some of the many ways that overalls can be worn."

I then said, "Now I will show you my favorite way of wearing overalls." I lifted up the bib of my overalls with one hand and held it against my chest. I reached back with my other hand, grabbed my left strap and buckled it to the bib. Then, I reached back and grabbed my right strap and buckled it to the bib. I said, "I always wear my overalls with both straps buckled and my bib up against my chest."

I then showed the class how to adjust the overalls straps. I lengthened both of my straps to make them longer. The bib fell to a much lower position on my chest. I then shortened both of my straps. The bib rose up higher and higher on my chest, until the top of the bib rested just below the collar of my shirt. "Perfect!" I said.

I finished my presentation by asking the class, "Are there any other way of wearing overalls that I didn't mention?"

I looked around the room, expecting to see some hands up. But to my surprise, no one raised their hand. Instead, I saw a lot of blank and bored faces. I realized that my presentation had not been as interesting and informative as I had hoped. I felt disappointed and embarrassed.

I thanked the teacher and the class, and quickly walked back to my seat. My classmates were staring at me. I heard some whispers and giggles and I knew they were making fun of me. I wished I had chosen a different topic. Something that would have been more exciting and relevant to others. I did not, however, regret wearing my overalls to school.

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The normal height at which overalls should be worn is at collar height. The top of the bib should be at the same height as the collar of your t-shirt or hoodie. Make sure you check the height of the overalls while standing straight up with your shoulders down. Do not check the height of the overalls when you are seated because overalls always tend to climb up higher when you are seated. This will give you a wrong indication of the height of the overalls. So always check the height of the bibs when standing straight up. If the overalls give you an uncomfortable wedgie at the proper height or even worse when it is impossible for the bib to reach the height of your collar, then you really need to find another pair of overalls. Try looking for overalls with a longer crotch. When you have set up the overalls at the proper height, experiment with the height. Try adjusting the overalls a centimeter higher. At this height, a centimeter can be a big difference. Now, relax and enjoy the super exciting enclosed feeling of the overalls. Sometimes this feeling can be too overwhelming and you grab the adjuster to pull the overalls lower. Please, do not adjust the overalls lower. Let your body and mind adjust to this sensation. The lower you adjust you overalls, the more they feel like ordinary pants and that is exactly the opposite of what we desire. Enjoy and give your body and mind time to adapt to the new pulled up high sensation. I am sure you get used to it very quickly.

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Excellent advice. I don't like the baggy feeling when the overalls straps are adjusted out as long as they'll go -or- in other words at "maximum-length". I make my straps as short as comfortably possible. I want my overalls to "hug" my body at all times, especially when I am standing, walking and sitting down. The straps hug my shoulders. The bib hugs my chest. The side buttons hug my left and right sides.

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