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1525573 No.6633  

If I ever run into that ill keep shirt tucked in and wear bib down and let straps hang like attached. I have done twice once in that situation and once when i went to a concert.

>> No.6635  

Which brand and model are these overalls? I suspect these are Levis overalls. I am sorry but wearing overalls like this doesn't look very good. It looks much better when you wear them normal with both straps attached and the bib pulled up high.

>> No.6636  

Levis brand it is and I usually wear em up. That was an exception as we had really hot weather. Generally i do not wear down unless heat is really bad

>> No.6637  

It's great to hear that you wear your overalls with the bib up. If overalls have a bib and two straps, why not take advantage of using them?? :) When it's too hot to wear my overalls, I make an exception and wear shorts instead. There's nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. I love my overalls, but I want to be comfortable while wearing them.

>> No.6638  

Yes indeed always great to wear up for sure. I wear everyday and love it along with sleeping in them. Its perfect for me and you have good plan as well. It is cooling down here so I continue wearing at all times

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