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2097503 No.6620  

I'm quite new to wearing overalls. They're now one of my favorite things to wear, even if I'm a little nervous about wearing them in public.

>> No.6621  

Oh, and if you want to chat, here's my discord : hypersam

>> No.6622  

Nice you are beginning to wear. Overalls are amazing and we both share the urban outfitters overalls as i wear those as well and have the same pair you have. They look amazing on you. I only wear overalls and can tell you overalls are perfect to wear. I was a little nervous like you wt first but overcame that and decided to only wear overalls.

>> No.6623  

Thanks ! I like the urban outfitters one too, although this shade of blue can be a bit difficult to match with shirts other than white or black. The black one (from boohoo) is the pair I wear the most.
I want to wear overalls more often, but I'm a very shy guy who cares a bit too much about other's opinions, and I'm the only one in my family and friends who likes overalls, so yeah...

>> No.6624  

Welcome. Overalls are amazing to wear for sure. The urban outfitters are amazing to wear as well but can be hard to style sometimes. I have the light and mid blue both. I love your black overalls as they look amazing. Eventually i want to get a black pair to my collection as well so it adds to my only overalls routine. That will take time though. Glad you are wearing and with what you have confidence level will go up as you wear more snd more

>> No.6625  

One of the reasons I wear the black pair the most is because I can easily dress them up with a nice button down shirt. Also, the legs are not as wide as the two others, as I'm not that used to wearing baggy pants.
Oh, and one nice thing is that overalls seam to slowly comeback in fashion in Montreal (where I live), because I can see guys wearing some from time to time in the streets, in the subway and even in my university :)

>> No.6626  

That is a good plan for sure. I want to do the same so i can continue overalls only. Overalls are coming back in style in my area and just switched to overalls only. Eventually ill get a black pair and be good to go

>> No.6627  

I personally think of buying a dark blue one and a brown one next. Oh, and I don't know if if you have instagram, but here's mine : samuelmorency74

>> No.6628  

Adding you now

>> No.6629  

Good idea as well and those are great colors to have

>> No.6631  

If you are too nervous about wearing overalls in public, you can put a shirt or a sweater on over the top, so it doesn't look like you're wearing overalls.

>> No.6632  

That is exactly what I do if I don’t fancy showing off my dungarees in public. I feel really good knowing I am still wearing them, rather than ordinary jeans. If I feel confident I will show them off regardless.

>> No.6645  
File: 1697072991577.jpg -(1956210 B, 1784x3968) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I like the way my overalls look when I'm sitting down.

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