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File: 1693590578053.jpg -(3306634 B, 1856x2940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3306634 No.6617  

Spent in my comfy worn out overalls

>> No.6618  

Soft worn in overalls are extremely comfortable. Also great to wear during the night.

>> No.6619  

Nice on this. These look amazing on you and great you wore. I wear overalls everyday and it’s always great to wear. Just curious though do you always undo the side buttons when wearing? Thinking about trying myself

>> No.6630  

When you're unable to fasten all of the side buttons... your overalls are too small and your chest is too big to fit inside the overalls. Either find bigger overalls, or try to lose a little weight. :) In my opinion, overalls should be slightly baggy.

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