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You know I find it really sad what has become of this website. This is supposed to be "boys in overalls" not "men in overalls". If there really is such an interest in men in overalls, why don't you create a new category just for men

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Unfortunately, fashions trends come and go. After the 1990's, most fashion brands stopped manufacturing overalls in boys sizes. Today, workwear brands such as Dickies, Liberty and Carhartt still make boys/girls size overalls. You should be grateful that there is still even a demand for overalls! Keep buying overalls as often as possible and hopefully they will never become obsolete.

>> No.6747  

"This is supposed to be "boys in overalls" not "men in overalls"."

Um... no its not? The website is called bibpic. tbh I find it creepy to have all the young kids on the banner. This is a fetish site for most of yall, and mixing in kids is just weird.

>> No.6749  

I agree 100%. I sort of mentioned something similar in my previous comment >>6742 as well. Today, mostly men and adults wear overalls, not kids. I'm a man and I love wearing overalls. I come to this site to read what other men have to say about overalls. I don't come here for the kids. As a suggestion, I think it would be awesome if there was a new bibpic.com banner with photos of men wearing overalls.

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