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File: 1690612884407.jpg -(1208888 B, 2117x3235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1208888 No.6585  

Do you Like EM?

>> No.6587  

Your overalls look great! What does the rest of the bib look like. I would like to see a picture without the jacket.

>> No.6588  
File: 1690972987594.jpg -(1221986 B, 2057x3433) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Without hoodie

>> No.6589  

I like them very much. I wish I could find some Pepe overalls to add to my collection.

>> No.6590  

I like the 3 buttons on each side. That is kinda like the old Arizona bibs from my teen years. They took longer to button up, but the fit was snug that way. You can wear them with the bib hanging down easier.

>> No.6593  

>>6590 Did you wear your overalls with the bib hanging down? I always wore mine with both straps fastened and the bib up on my chest. I loved the way the bib of the overalls hugged my chest after adjusting the straps to be as short and as snug as they could be. You don't feel that sensational and exciting feeling of the bib when you unbuckle it and let it hang down.

>> No.6595  

I also had Arizona bibs in school and I always wore them with bib up and the straps adjusted snug. I liked them that way and I still do.

>> No.6596  

My Arizona bibs fit snug at the waist, so I left the straps loose,then they flopped around when you walked. When sitting the straps sometimes fell down off your shoulders then you had tone put them up. They also had belt loops and could wear a belt with them too

>> No.6597  

Mine were also snug at my waist and I liked the surrounding feeling of that. But I also liked the feeling when the straps pulled tight on my shoulders and I often made them tighter after sitting down.
Did you wear them often with s belt?

>> No.6598  

It would drive me crazy if my straps were too loose and kept falling off of my shoulders! It's better to tighten your straps... then you won't have to hitch them back up onto your shoulders all the time.

>> No.6599  

The Arizona bibs straps were rather narrow and would cut into your shoulders a bit. I liked the Oshkosh brand with the vestbak and wider straps, they were much more comfortable. Those also didn't fall down if wearing them loose.

>> No.6600  
File: 1691734810602.jpg -(1131111 B, 1593x3703) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here a nother pair

>> No.6601  

>>6600 Those black overalls look really nice! What brand are they?

>> No.6605  

They r from Tommy Hilfiger

>> No.6613  
File: 1693429962806.jpg -(30767 B, 272x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

When people buy overalls, they often come with the straps pulled out as long as they'll go. If you wear them without adjusting the straps (making them shorter), the straps will fall off one or both shoulders whenever you're sitting down.

>> No.6614  
File: 1693430300191.jpg -(75577 B, 471x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I recently bought a pair of overalls like this and had to adjust the straps after I tried them on for the first time.

>> No.6615  

I took picture >>6614 before I adjusted the straps on my new pair of overalls.

>> No.6616  

I do the same when i buy a pair. I adjust the straps all the way up for a perfect fit. I have to be bibbed up at all times so i always adjust so i can only wear overalls

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