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Back in the late 1990s, several of my classmates frequently wore overalls to school. However, they always wore them with only one strap fastened.

I always found that strange. For some reason, the sight of seeing another person wearing unfastened overalls, seemed to really excite me. I always wondered what they would do with the extra strap? Would they leave the unfastened overall strap hanging behind their back or would they try to hide it?

Some kids would tuck the undone strap inside of their overalls. I could see how this would get rid of the extra strap. It wouldn't be flopping around behind the person's back. However, it might feel very uncomfortable if the buckle at the end of the strap ends up behind their butt, when they sit down.

Other kids would just let the undone strap dangle loosely behind their back. However, this way, either the buckle at the end of the strap, or the adjustment slider, might get caught on something, like a hook or a door handle. Or the buckle at the end of the swinging strap might hit someone or something if the person wearing the overalls was running.

One year, I asked for a few pairs of overalls for Christmas. I did end up getting overalls and I was confident enough to wear them to school. Some of my friends gave me a hard time, because I wanted to wear my overalls with both straps fastened. Maybe that wasn't popular? I don't know. I ignored them. They were MY overalls and I was going to wear them how I wanted to wear them. One of my classmates, a girl, complimented me on my overalls and said that they looked cute on me. I felt slightly embarrassed. I blushed a little and said, "thank you." At least someone liked my overalls!

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