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File: 1681858821078.jpg -(2193753 B, 1961x3486) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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>> No.6543  

Indigo Blue (NB).

I just love how the bib hugs my chest after I adjust the straps nice and snug!

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File: 1682808156083.jpg -(605548 B, 1408x1516) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have Dickies also. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the curve in the middle of the bib part. Maybe if I tighten the straps, the bib will sit flat against my chest? I would hate to have to return these, they're my first pair of overalls I've ever purchased.

>> No.6546  

If you close the snap buttion, it would help a bit as well.

>> No.6549  

>>6542 // I love how the front of your overalls curves around the chest area! The bib of the overalls has a nice rounded look. Some people might think that wearing overalls makes you look fat. I happen to find the rounded, pear-like shape look that the overalls give your body when you wear them very awesome and attractive. It has to be traditional overalls like Dickies. Fashion overalls with a much narrower or smaller bib don't look as cool, in my opinion.

>> No.6556  

To avoid the "tent" in the middle of your overalls, adjust your overalls straps to be as short as possible. You want the bib as high on your chest as possible. The bib should sit nicely on your chest, without the bulge in the middle.

>> No.6561  

When you have a belly like me, then wearing normal pants is extremely uncomfortable. No matter how I wear my pants, they are always bothering me. Overalls are the only kind of clothing that solve this problem (and coveralls as well). When you are a big boy like me, I recommend to buy traditional overalls like those made by Dickies, Key, Carhartt, etc because these overalls have a long crotch. Overalls which have a long crotch are amazing because your entire belly can fit inside the crotch when you wear them pulled up high on your chest.

As you have pointed out correctly in your post, the overalls look very nice round around your belly and chest. Not only does this look very hot and attractive, it also feels wonderful. With every movement you make, you feel the bib being pulled over your belly and chest. From my experience, you dont experience this nice bibbed feeling over your belly when you are thin and skinny. I enjoy being a big boy having to wear big boy overalls.

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File: 1709172138290.jpg -(139240 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

After seeing how great those Dickies overalls look, I decided to buy a pair and try 'em out for myself. I ordered 30 in. length. I measured the inseam and it is actually 32 in. I'm 5 ft 9 (about 175 cm) tall. I really love the overalls and plan to keep them. I guess I could always roll up the bottoms, so they're not dragging on the ground.

>> No.6738  

Wow those Dickies overalls fit you really nice. Beautiful fit. I am curious how the entire overalls fit you. If you like, could you make a picture of you in your overalls with the entire overalls in view? That would be so cool.

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