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File: 1672689529368.jpg -(2557275 B, 2316x3088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2557275 No.6445  

When your overalls are as soft as pajamas might as well sleep in them and then continue wearing them the rest of the day :p

>> No.6447  

Well said. I do that as well overalls at night and then same pair next day only changing from one overalls to next. My are soft to do that and want to be overalls only(24/7) with small exceptions. Once i get there fully anything not overalls will be donated. You have the right idea

>> No.6448  

I sometimes take naps in my Dickies Stonewashed overalls. They are very soft and also totally worn in. It is very enjoyable to wear them during the night. It is also very nice when you wake up and realize you have your overalls still on. Also the more you wear your overalls (that means the entire day and night), the softer and more worn in your overalls become. When you wear your overalls every day and night you can call yourself a true bibboy.

>> No.6449  

Dutchbibboy is correct on all that. Overalls should be worn for sleep and throughout the day. He has helped me make the switch and i am better for it. On my way to overalls only and a true bibboy.

>> No.6450  

I definitely did this when I was around 13 or so, since I wanted to get back into overalls at that age and got some Carhartt insulated overalls. I slept in them and they felt very comfortable because of the insulated down in the leggings.

Though I don’t wear my overalls much in bed now because I wear them throughout the day I’ll sometimes go to bed in them. I got my Berne overalls today so I can probably balance sleeping in them more often.

>> No.6451  

I enjoy wearing my overalls during the day. However, when I am in bed, I find the feeling of the straps pulling on my shoulders uncomfortable. Maybe I could try unbuckling the straps and folding the bib down when I go to bed at night.

>> No.6452  

Never tried that but that would be a good idea for our summers. If i am going to be overalls 24/7 i may have to try that with strapping back up in am. That said i love wearing in am and continuing into bedtime. I am working on the balance and once completed i will be strictly overalls only and nothing else.

>> No.6468  


There is a way to make overalls very comfortable when sleeping. Try out the following. Adjust the straps of the overalls a bit lower before going to sleep. The overalls will be lower now. Next you grab the sides of your overalls and pull them up high. While you keep the overalls high while you lay down on your bed. This way you dont feel the straps pulling on your shoulder anymore when laying down. Now you can enjoy your overalls during the night. Waking up in overalls the next day is really amazing. Do not forget to adjust the straps when waking up. You must adjust the straps so the overalls are fitting high again. Enjoy your day in overalls.

>> No.6472  
File: 1675211800589.jpg -(49356 B, 768x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you for the ideas. Maybe it would be more comfortable for me to buy a pair of snowbibs for sleeping in...

>> No.6478  
File: 1675291259552.jpg -(3028155 B, 4128x2322) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those are some very nice snowbibs. I have a pair of Carhartt Insulated overalls (see picture). Although they are called "insulated overalls" they have the same cut as your snowbibs. I highly recommend buying a good pair of insulated overalls/snowbibs. They are very comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Snowbibs are very enjoyable to wear. This is because of the fact that the sides of such overalls go even higher than normal overalls. If you enjoy the enclosing feeling of overalls then you will certainly love snowbibs as well.

Some more information about snowbibs. Make sure the snowbibs fit your perfectly i.e. not too tight and not baggy. Some snowbibs have elastic straps. This can help when you want to wear them during the night so the straps don't pull to much on your shoulders. Just as sleeping with normal overalls, I advise you to follow the steps outlined in my comment above. With snowbibs you can do all kinds of cool combinations like wearing normal overalls underneath your snowbibs or even wearing a onesie/coveralls underneath your snowbibs or just a hoodie or T-shirt. Also be aware that you can get overheated pretty quickly in your snowbibs. Wearing snowbibs during the cold months is a good idea if you want to reduce heating costs which saves you money for more cool overalls.

Some cool snowbibs you might like are the ones from Carhartt (search for the term "Carhartt biberall" or "Carhartt insulated bib overalls" on Amazon or other website). The snowbibs made by the brand CrazySensations are also amazing.

>> No.6535  
File: 1679510129109.jpg -(1705563 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I found another solution that works great. Undo both straps and put them behind your back. Then, leave the bib pulled up against your chest. The bib won't fall down.

>> No.6536  

>>6535 This is a solution to "a way to make overalls very comfortable when sleeping."

>> No.6553  

I tried sleeping in overalls once. That same night, I had an exciting dream about overalls. I woke up the next morning with a big mess on the front of my bibs. I had to throw them in the washing machine. Maybe I got a little too excited?? Lol!

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