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File: 1670267150547.jpg -(2256254 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2256254 No.6400  

Best time of year when it starts getting cold wearing long socks and long sleeves or sweatshirts under your overalls. Super comfortable!

>> No.6401  

Could not agree more. Best time of year for overalls with long socks and shirts etc. i do same thing and if needed i tuck a pullover into overalls as well. I wear overalls everyday and can’t go out unless i am in overalls.

>> No.6402  

Those overalls look great on you by the way

>> No.6403  

Thank you they arent the warmest as the denim is soft and thin but still super comfortable

>> No.6404  

You’re welcome. They still look very good on you. I have some like that as well but we work with it as very comfortable. I have a mixture of brands and this time of year is great for overalls. The look good and very comfortable like yours. Good to chat with you and feel free to get me anytime as i am on here a lot

>> No.6405  
File: 1670283583340.jpg -(264239 B, 1065x1692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is a sample of me in dickies

>> No.6409  
File: 1670789885121.jpg -(17572 B, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is better sample of Carhartt wip this time

>> No.6410  
File: 1670789952480.jpg -(16160 B, 150x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Look at this one rotated

>> No.6411  

Which brand is this? It looks pretty good, I like that bib pocket design. You look pretty good in them.

>> No.6412  

MrPrest926 Those are Carhartt wip brand in blue. I have 2 pairs in the collection and they are amazing. Those and dickies are my two favorite. Carhartt wip can be found by searching Carhartt wip overalls in google and going to their site. They ship from New York. Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out to me anytime as i am always on here.

>> No.6413  

And thank you for the compliment

>> No.6414  

Thanks for answering, though referring to Anonymous at top I do really like the Carhartt WIP overalls. Though is the bib pocket on the Carhartt WIP one pocket or is it divided into two pockets? I generally prefer it being one big pocket rather than two smaller ones.

>> No.6415  

Sorry I thought you meant me you were referring to.. that said my overalls is like his one pocket with different slots. Carhartt wip is a great brand. Hope thar helps.

>> No.6416  

They are Old navy from the 90s. Thanks

>> No.6417  

Sorry for butting in as I thought he was asking my brand. I had a feeling they were old navy. Old navy was my first ever overalls. They were amazing. Shame i outgrew those and the brand does not make anymore.

>> No.6419  

It’s all fine, since all of them look good. I’ve been considering getting the Carhartt WIP overalls for a while, the only thing stopping me is the price. I’ll look into the Old Navy overalls if I can find somewhere to order them.

A lot of brands I want are either vintage or brands that discontinued a certain type, though I will buy some modern overalls too. Currently I wear Red Kap overalls under my sweatshirt or jacket.

>> No.6420  

Yes they are expensive but if you look may eventually find one cheaper like i did osh kosh. Its a shame they go off market after a certain point.

>> No.6421  
File: 1671454001745.jpg -(393364 B, 1086x1844) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another view of Carhartt wip

>> No.6422  
File: 1671520705947.jpg -(1889502 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That looks good. Here's my Red Kap overalls, the only complaint is that I can't adjust the straps so the bib is raised higher but overall they're pretty comfortable. I've been looking around though and know some overalls that can be adjusted so the bib sits higher though.

>> No.6423  

Thanks MrPrest926 for that compliment. I only wear overalls and will soon be donating my jeans. In addition to the ones you saw i also wear dickies, osh kosh, Levi’s, urban outfitters etc. your red kapp overalls look amazing and are adjusted properly. Other brands may go higher but I think you have perfect height. That said i have a feeling you'll get more overalls for the collection over time. Good chatting with you and feel free to reach out to me anytime as i am always on here among other chatting aps.

>> No.6424  

In addition if one of my overalls ever wears out i will be buying red kapp overalls. The look amazing. I cannot wear jeans or anything else anymore as anything else is very uncomfortable when i go out or do things in general. These will be at the top of the list for sure.

>> No.6425  

That’s good, eventually I want to make the switch to overalls too since I find them easier to put on and off over belts, plus no plumber’s cracks. The Red Kap overalls have a button fly though, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal but I know that bothers some people so I thought I should mention that. I may order another pair of Red Kap downsized, I ordered a slightly oversized one because I’d be putting thick sweaters under it though I definitely could of ordered my actual size.

>> No.6426  

Thanks MrPrest926 for the info and will keep in mind. button-fly does not bother me at all. I am assuming for red kap if i am 36 waist i can get 36 waist in these. I am overalls only and will eventually donate my jeans. I see you want to go overalls only as well. You’ll get there soon. Once you stock up on a few pairs you'll be able to do that. Overalls only is much better and you’ll love it and want to donate your jeans. Good chatting with you and feel free to reach out to me anytime as i am always on here among other chatting aps.

>> No.6427  

And just ordered red kap off of ebay and will wear out and about a bunch

>> No.6428  

I hope you like them as I really like mine. I'm considering my next purchase, originally I wanted to get some vintage Tommy Hilfiger or Washington Dee Cee overalls though found getting one would be too expensive, so I might just buy a brand like Levi's, Dickies, Key Imperial, these three mainly but maybe some other brand.

>> No.6429  

Thank you and i know ill love em. I will wear them out with friends and everywhere. May I recommend for you the dickies dark blue and Levi’s brand. Those are amazing and you'll love those. It’ll get you one step closer to overalls only. I look forward to hearing of your progress. I am also on other chatting apps as well if you like to talk further.

>> No.6430  

Last reply is for MrPrest926

>> No.6431  

Note the ones I recommend can be found via mainly ebay, dillards and amazon

>> No.6432  
File: 1672370017996.png -(6245322 B, 1170x2532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

These are the red kap i got from ebay mrprest926

>> No.6433  
File: 1672370072251.png -(6237819 B, 1170x2532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Other photo

>> No.6434  
File: 1672437548458.jpg -(221094 B, 418x858) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I like it, I can see this is the older one as the logo on the bib pocket is a rounded design. The bib pocket in general has a pretty unique shape, most overalls with the flap closure pocket seem to have it shaped like that.
I ordered some Berne Heritage Unlined overalls, I may get the Dickies one next time but the Berne overalls were for sale. I’ll post a picture of me wearing them once they come.

>> No.6435  

Thank you for the compliment. They are very close to yours and will be perfect for sure. It may be one version earlier but the fit should be close to the same and look the same. It was hard finding 36x30 but finally got it. The bernies look amazing and i think will be perfect for you.

>> No.6436  

Looking for photos when they come and when mine come in I’ll post as well.

>> No.6437  
File: 1672580355974.jpg -(2790171 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I’ll make sure to post the images once they arrive, I went on a bike ride today and took some pictures of me wearing overalls. I mostly wore a sweater over them but I did ride around some people without it, it’s more so people from school seeing me I’m worried about.
About the chatting apps though, where can I find you since I think we can talk about overalls as well as other topics.

>> No.6438  
File: 1672580422260.jpg -(2809969 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Without the sweater around my waist.

>> No.6439  

Overalls look amazing. I can be found on apps such as instagram, skype, snapchat and even phone texting. Let me know what works and we’ll connect. I look forward to a full chat with you. Once i know app you want to use I’ll provide username.

>> No.6440  

Instagram is perfect, so you can give me the account for that. If you want though I’ll give you my account.

>> No.6441  

Use owenswilliam30

>> No.6442  

If you cannot find let me know and well go through yours

>> No.6443  

I’ve found you and can see you do like overalls. I’ll most likely talk later though and in places I do have time but thanks.

>> No.6444  

Could someone delete post>>6441. Thanks as no password to delete

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