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71827 No.6394  

I started wearing overalls in my teenage years. They made me feel excited, but also super embarassed at the same time. The cool kids in school didn't wear overalls, so I always felt like standing out while wearing them. Especially as I dared myself to wear them openly without anything to cover them.

But I kept wearing them, even though I got bullied for it quite a lot. But I wanted to become a proper bibboy, so I kept with it. This site here helped me alot in doing so.

Also I found many overalls friends that way. Many of you seem a bit on the kinky side, but that's okay! I don't mind being lewded while wearing overalls. For me it has become part of being a proper bibboy! I hope to make many more friends in the future who feel the same way!

>> No.6395  

Your story is the same as me. I wore in my teen years and got bullied a bit but stuck with it until college where i was forced to take a break due to dress codes on group projects. Flash to now i work from home and realized how much better overalls are and switched to overalls only. I am much better off and this site helped me get there. I am just a person who prefers overalls and loves to chat.

>> No.6406  
File: 1670362487874.jpg -(128519 B, 292x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's exciting and thrilling to wear overalls around other people, even though you may never see another person wearing them. There's no reason for people who really love wearing overalls to keep it a secret. Strapping yourself into your bibs and wearing them proudly tells people that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and wear what you want to.

>> No.6407  

For post 6406. No need to keep a secret or hide. It is thrilling to wear overalls indeed. We need to be proud to wear overalls around others which i am. Since I switched to overalls only i get many compliments, i am more comfortable working from home and if i sleep in them i sleep better in em. I am better off in in overalls and soon plan do donate my jeans only keeping the overalls. Yours look good as well. Good chat with you and feel free to reach out anytime as i am always on here.

>> No.6408  

Wearing overalls is very exciting. They feel amazing to wear and look very cool.

The best part of the day is the moment you put on your bib overalls when you get up in the morning or when you get back home from work. The only thing you can think about are overalls. This only builds up the excitement. You can compare it to the anticipation to light up your first cigarette in the morning. You rush to your closet and take your favorite pair of overalls. You put your legs into the overalls and let the waist of the overalls rest around your hips. So far nothing special. It is like wearing your normal and boring pants. But now comes the exciting part of wearing overalls. It is time to pull the overalls up on your chest. I always like to do this part slowly so I can enjoy the feeling of the overalls climbing higher and higher on my chest. As you pull your overalls up higher you begin to experience more of that sweet enclosing feeling that overalls give. Finally the waist of the overalls is above the belly button and the bib almost touching your throat. Finally you are properly bibbed in your overalls. You sit back and enjoy the comfort the overalls provide. You then ask yourself: why not wear overalls all the time? Then you know for sure. You are a bibboy who loves his overalls.

>> No.6560  

I love the feeling, sensation and comfort of wearing overalls -- especially when I first put them on in the morning. I had only wore them occasionally in middle school. Now as an adult, I own several pairs of my own and have started wearing them more often. I cannot understand why people wear overalls with one strap on and one off. It just seems wrong. Why would you wear them like that?! One morning, when I was in school, I was running late and only fastened one strap on my overalls. My mom stopped me before I left the house and re-hooked my undone strap, thinking that it was an accident. Lol. Thanks, mom.

>> No.6566  
File: 1687650941353.jpg -(329212 B, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was looking through some photo albums of pictures that my mum had taken back when I was a teenager. I found several pictures of me wearing overalls. I remember begging mum to buy me some, after seeing them for sale in a mail-order catalog. She was surprised because not very many boys my age wore them at the time, mostly the girls did. She was glad to see that I wore them quite frequently!

>> No.6567  

Dickies overalls are one of the best brands available. I recently ordered my first pair of overalls, ever and found them to be very comfortable! They are long and slightly loose on the top. I am impressed by how well they fit my legs, hips, and butt. I rolled up about six inches from the legs so I wouldn't be tripping over them. Then I tightened the straps as far as they’d go.

>> No.6573  

awesome combo with the sweater

>> No.6576  

Thanks, man! I agree. Sweaters work well with overalls. Stay bibbed and don't forget to share your love for overalls!

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