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File: 1669767940648.png -(1284840 B, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1669767993871.png -(1382941 B, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6381  

Those look good on you. I have dickies overalls exactly the same and love em. I only wear overalls(day and night)and dickies are great to have in my collection.

>> No.6382  

Thank you. I always wear my overalls with the Bib pulled up nice and high. They look awful when the bib is worn too low.

>> No.6383  

You’re welcome and dickies are a great brand of overalls. I try to do the same on my overalls as well. I love overalls and they are very comfortable. I am much better off in overalls and that is why I switched to overalls only.

>> No.6384  
File: 1669862220209.jpg -(2144369 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I love dickies and i wear the same way as you.

>> No.6385  

>>6384 Those Dickies overalls look great on you! Thanks for sharing.

>> No.6386  

Thank you much. I have 3 dickies and the rest Carhartt wip, urban outfitters, levis, osh kosh to round out the collection. Overalls are great and just recently switched to overalls only.

>> No.6387  
File: 1669937106365.jpg -(158819 B, 799x1275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The picture of you wearing the overalls high is of course the best. You look very neat when the overalls are worn high like that. Not only that it also feels much more comfortable to have the overalls pulled up high.

On the picture I have attached to this comment you can see me wearing my Dickies Indigo Rigid overalls. They are my favorite overalls. What do you think? Are these overalls worn high or at normal height? I would like to wear these overalls higher since they would feel better and more comfortable.

>> No.6388  
File: 1669937157728.jpg -(82133 B, 848x904) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another picture of me in the same overalls

>> No.6389  

Thank you. Dickies are the best. Especially when worn high. I love em. We have chatted before and your advice has helped me a lot. I am fully overalls only and only go from one overalls to the next. Thanks again

>> No.6390  

Dutchbibboy yours look amazing as well and worn at the perfect height. Best way to go.

>> No.6391  

You are wearing the overalls at a perfect height in image >>6388 . The overalls you're wearing in image >>6387 look good, but could be puled up higher. If I were wearing your outfit, I would have the top of the bib line up with the bottom of the hood part of the hoodie, right where the drawstrings come out.

>> No.6465  
File: 1675123990125.jpg -(1574801 B, 2091x2788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not sure how high you should wear your overalls? I use my shirt collar as a guide. The top of my overalls bib always comes up to my shirt collar.

>> No.6466  

Those are actually at a perfect height. I wear only overalls and that brand and wear at that length.

>> No.6467  


That is a very good rule. With this rule you are certain that the overalls are at a decent height. When the overalls are high they feel much more comfortable and you feel you are really wearing overalls. However the height of the overalls changes when you sit and when you are standing. The overalls are often higher when you sit down. I suppose the overalls should also reach the collar of the T-shirt when standing?

>> No.6471  

Just curious are you overalls only like me or do you prefer other a mixture of overalls and other things.

>> No.6473  

I see what you mean. I guess I was referring to how the overalls should fit when you're standing up. If sitting down, the bib would sit higher, right? I like how your overalls fit while you are sitting down -- very handsome. >>6388

>> No.6474  

Just curious are you overalls only like me or do you prefer other a mixture of overalls and other things. the overalls are at a perfect position

>> No.6475  

Thank you for the kind message. I also really like how your overalls fit. They fit your perfectly. Keep wearing your overalls like that!

Yes, that is correct when siting down the bib is always higher in comparison with standing straight up. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. My account name is: overalls5421.

I have adjusted the overalls higher. Below are some pictures of the same overalls but adjusted higher. It indeed feels much better to wear them higher. However I need to wear them more often at this height so I get more used to them.

@wlo75. Yes I only love to wear overalls and coveralls. But the overalls must be covering the entire body. Most fashionable "overalls" are just normal pants with straps attached to them. I refuse to call them "overalls". There are some good fashionable overalls like the classic ones made by Levis.

>> No.6476  
File: 1675289929001.jpg -(1523393 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6477  
File: 1675289986584.jpg -(1709785 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The overalls fit much higher now.

>> No.6493  

A friend of mine often wears Dickies overalls and I thought they looked awesome on him. So I bought myself a pair. This is my first time wearing overalls. I tried them on yesterday and I look like a penguin, waddling around with a drop crotch and parachute legs. I’d say I have an average build, I’m 5’11 & 200lbs. I’m trying to imagine who possibly has the body proportions that would make this garment a “perfect fit”??

I literally have to cinch the straps as tight & far back as they’ll go. And then I’m walking around with the hardware glinting behind my shoulder blades. Even then, the hem needs to be rolled 3 inches or more if I’m wearing sneakers.

Am I overreacting or all these overalls really that good.

>> No.6512  

I also bought my first Dickies overall this week and the legs are ridiculously wide to the point of comedy. I ordered 2" less than my usual inseam since Dickies also run tall so they fit in that regard at least, but the legs just feel completely silly, I don't know how they can be enjoyed like this.

>> No.6517  

Dickies overalls are truly amazing and beautiful. However that depends on the type of overalls you like. The classic Dickies overalls fit loose around the body. If you prefer more tight fitting overalls then i would suggest to try out more modern overalls instead of the classic overalls like Dickies, Carhartt, Key, Roundhouse, etc. Also be aware that you choose the right length for the overalls. This is the second number e.g. an overalls with size w40 x 38 has a waist size w40 and the legs are 38 inches long. In your case I recommend 32 or 30 as the length of the legs.

Buying the perfect overalls online is difficult because there are more variables at play in comparison with buying normal pants. Besides all the factor that you need to consider with buying normal pants (like the width of the legs and the waist) with overalls there are even more things you need to consider for example the length of the crotch, the size of the bib, the back of the overalls, etc. Therefor I highly recommend trying overalls before buying them if possible.

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