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File: 1659267605049.jpg -(2931091 B, 1780x3030) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2931091 No.6274  

Osh kosh overalls i now own. Glad I found these

>> No.6277  

Do you wear a diaper with it ? You look cute in this adult baby overalls.

>> No.6278  

No diapers worn with these. These are normal adult vintage overalls that i got lucky to find.

>> No.6279  

That said thanks for the compliment

>> No.6280  

Ahem! Did you know that the Osh Kosh company started out making overalls exclusively for adult men, who wore them every day for work? (This happened in the late 1800s.) It wasn't until the early 1900s that Oshkosh started making overalls for kids, so they could dress up like their parents. Oshkosh eventually stopped manufacturing overalls for adults and school-age children, possibly due to poor sales. Eventually Oshkosh overalls had just fallen out of fashion for adults and youth. In conclusion, Oshkosh originally made and sold adult sizes of overalls, before kids sizes were introduced at a later time.

>> No.6281  

Makes since i had heard about that. I just called it vintage as i found one by luck by a seller on poshmark. Shame they do not sell anymore but am very lucky i got em. Had to tailor but once done all good. Thanks for your insights

>> No.6282  

My last reply was for whomever posted reply number >>6277 . Overalls are NOT JUST for kids and babies to wear! Adults CAN wear adult-sized of overalls without looking like a toddler!

>> No.6283  

Thank you for doing that. That person should know better. I initially thought that was for me but thanks for clarifying. Overalls are for all types and could not agree more

>> No.6311  

Trying to upload a photo of me wearing Dickies overalls. The pictures always end up upside down. Hmmmm. I will try this again, maybe it's my phone. :(

>> No.6314  
File: 1664220167292.jpg -(2269987 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There we go!

>> No.6315  
File: 1664220433814.jpg -(2276621 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6316  
File: 1664220594298.jpg -(2479763 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6317  
File: 1664220740576.jpg -(2265453 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6318  
File: 1664220961584.jpg -(1899331 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6319  
File: 1664221083370.jpg -(227678 B, 769x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nice on those photos. I too wear dickies overalls. They are a great brand along with the others i have. I only wear overalls and dickies is a good part of my collection. Heres is my photo of my dickies

>> No.6321  
File: 1664221194374.jpg -(1943916 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you.

>> No.6322  

Those look amazing and dickies is a great brand to wear.

>> No.6323  
File: 1664224305313.jpg -(24969 B, 113x113) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Although, I always wear my overalls with both straps, I was just showing-off a few alternate views. I have three different pairs of overalls. Dickies Stonewashed Overalls (8396SNB) / Dickies Indigo Overalls (83294NB) / Uskees "Christopher" Overalls. I haven't worn the Uskees pair yet. The buckles and bib buttons look huge and I'm afraid that pair would make me look silly.

>> No.6324  

You are good. I love the different views and when you use the usekes they will look amazing as well.

>> No.6325  

I have the dickies indigo as well in my collection. Those are great to wear along with my urban outfitters, osh kosh, Carhartt wip and Levi’s. I am very happy i went overalls only and its more comfortable for me.

>> No.6327  
File: 1664446554205.jpg -(2378468 B, 2944x2208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wonder how many people wear overalls just for fashion and not for working in.

>> No.6328  

I wear mine for fashion. I only wear overalls but do not wear for working. I like to wear overalls out in all situations when i go out. I look better when i am in overalls and am more comfortable. I keep one old pair of jeans and use those for any yard work etc.

>> No.6333  

I see that Dickies "DB100" style overalls are also available in 'rinsed black' and 'timber brown'. Whenever it's time for me to buy a new pair of overalls, it might be worth trying out the black overalls. Although, I never remember seeing anybody wearing black overalls before.

>> No.6334  

It is worth a try. I used to wear Levi’s black overalls and loved em. Eventually they ripped after a few years. If I ever need another it will probably be dickies black as well dickies is an amazing brand to have in collection. See post 6319 for my dickies

>> No.6337  
File: 1665869158119.jpg -(790786 B, 1414x2514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Overalls can be challenging to adjust for people like me who aren't super tall and have thinly-built bodies (not overweight). I am about 67 inches tall. I have to shorten the straps almost all the way and the front of the bib sits pretty high on my chest. What do you think?

>> No.6338  

Perfect fit. You adjusted well and they look amazing. I too wear dickies overalls and its a great brand. Those as you have them are great like that to wear out for sure well done.

>> No.6339  

The overalls fit you perfectly. You have done well to move the adjuster all the way on your back. Like you said, the front of the bib is now very high on your chest. This is the best way to wear overalls. When the bib fits very high on your chest, you get this nice feeling of the overalls hugging you. It also looks much better than overalls which are adjusted very low. Keep wearing your overalls high for the best experience. For the best fit I use these rules: #1 the sides of the overalls should reach at least your lowest ribs. #2 draw an imaginary line between your armpits. The top of the bib should at all times be above this line #3 wear overalls with a high back (like your Dickies). It might take a while before you get used to wearing overalls high.

>> No.6340  

Well said. Your are right. Overalls should be worn just like that and good rule of thumb. I only wear overalls and i wear mine like that. Although i have many brands my goal is when i go out with my friends or to an event it will be in dickies overalls. They are at top of list with carharrt wip second.

>> No.6341  

Thanks for your input, everyone. I have found that wearing the bib high on my chest is the only way that feels comfortable to me. When wearing this way, the overalls are hugging me from multiple angles: the bib on my chest, the back piece of the overalls, the side buttons and the straps. I've been secretly obsessed with overalls ever since I was young. I liked seeing overalls on other people, but didn't get the opportunity to buy a pair until I was an adult and living on my own. It's kind of sad... I have never seen any males wearing them for fashion (and not solely as workwear) since the 1990s. They tend to make me stand out and that sometimes, but not always, gives me a proud feeling.

>> No.6342  

You’re welcome and the best way to wear. Overalls should be worn for fashion. I only wear overalls but never for work. I wear for fashion and everytime i go out. I have many brands and reorganizing the order so that when i go out it is in the same dickies you have and if i cant then go to my others. I am always on and if you run into any other questions please feel free to find and ask me

>> No.6343  
File: 1666125707883.jpg -(112481 B, 455x433) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Since you love your rigid indigo Dickies, I would highly recommend the Dickies Stonewashed bib overalls (style #8396SNB). The denim is very soft and more of a loose, relaxed fit -- vs. the rigid indigo, which have more of a snug fit and are made of heavier denim. Both are great overalls. The stonewashed Dickies would make a wonderful addition to your collection, whenever you're looking for another pair to buy.

>> No.6344  

He is right on that. I would recommend as well. They are great to wear. Compared to my other brands dickies is at the top of my list. Btw to the person who posted that. I own that same shirt. It goes green with overalls.

>> No.6345  

Exactly. Wearing the overalls nice high gives the best feeling. Just like you, I am obsessed with overalls since I was a young boy. I wore overalls until my 12th and I loved wearing them. During mu teens I didnt had the chance to wear overalls sadly. But I bought my first pair again around my 20th. Since then, I have never been without overalls. Since a few year, I have noticed that my obsession with overalls is only getting stronger and stronger. When I am at home I am always in my overalls. I am also getting more open about wearing overalls in public. It feels so good to wear overalls completely uncovered in public. I feel proud to wear overalls. I am proud not to wear pants.

I have both the Indigo Rigid and the Stonewashed overall. And like you said they are both incredibly enjoyable to wear. The Stonewashed overall is indeed very soft but if you wear the Indigo Rigid daily for a few months then it will also get very nice soft as well. The Stonewashed overalls are perfect to sleep in.

>> No.6346  
File: 1666176320673.jpg -(2488616 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A picture of me in public in my Dickies Indigo Rigid overalls size w40 x 36"

>> No.6347  

Well said. I was the same way once i went through college. Once i got to work from home i switched to overalls only. The dickies are amazing and as you wear the rigid more you get used to them. I am obsessed and always proud to wear my overalls out in public and at home(much better than jeans). I also love the suggestion you gave at the end. I truly want to be overalls only and in order to do that i need a pair to sleep in which the dickies will do. The whole goal is overalls during the day and then change into a softer overalls at night and then repeat process( be in overalls 24/7)

>> No.6349  
File: 1666209966781.jpg -(399615 B, 772x1373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The length of the straps on my Stonewashed pair seem to be a different length than the straps on my Indigo Rigid pair, so I have to shorten them even more to get a comfortable fit. How do the back of my overalls look? Are the straps shortened too much? The bottom of the "V" shape where both of the straps meet is almost as high as my neck.

>> No.6350  

By the way, your Dickies bibs >>6346 look awseome!!👍

>> No.6351  

first of all to the person wearing the indigo rigid overalls they look amazing. For the person that asked about theirs, the overalls look perfect and you adjusted correctly and enjoy them. I only wear overalls and I also have the dickies in my collection and they are a great brand to wear. you may not wear as much as I do but when you do be proud to wear them openly noting that they are adjusted correctly and fit as they should.

>> No.6352  

It's great to get helpful feedback on how my overalls >>6337 >>6349 look on me, based on the adjustments that I made to the straps. >>6346 You must be pretty tall to need a 36" inseam on your overalls. 😉 The inseam on my overalls is only 30". I'm about 5' 11" tall. If my inseam were any longer, I would have to roll up my cuffs a lot to keep them from dragging on the ground when I walk.

>> No.6353  

Feedback is always a good thing and very helpful. I do the same when i get new overalls. I wear all the time and when new ones are need i post a question here. It works great and when i am on ill usually chime in to help. Overalls are my favorite and once i buy a pair for sleeping i will reach my all time goal of overalls 24/7 or at all times.

>> No.6354  

You are wearing your Stonewashed overalls perfectly. I have nothing to add about the way you are wearing your overalls. I wish that more people wore their overalls like you do. I do not understand people who wear their overalls low. The lower the overalls are, the more they feel like wearing normal pants. Overalls are not pants and they should not be worn as pants. It is also in the name: OVERalls. They go over your entire body. With the back of the overalls closer to your neck is perfect because the straps wont fall off your shoulders anymore. I have read reviews about overalls where people complain about the straps falling off their shoulder. Well, the problem is not with the design of the overalls but with the way those people wear their overalls. Pull the overalls up high and the straps will never slip off the shoulders.

>>6351 and >>6352
I am 185 centimeters tall which is a bit above average. Most brands of overalls fit me too low on the chest and I hate that. Dickies overalls are the exception. To wear overalls at the proper height as described by my 3 rules of thumb, I usually need to buy overalls with an inseam of 36". Not only are the legs of the pants longer with a higher inseam but the length of the crotch is also longer. The longer crotch is essential and maybe the most important thing because this makes it possible to wear the overalls nice high. When I sit down, the top of the bib touches my throat. This makes me very very happy. I feel that my body is deep inside the overalls. With every movement I make, I feel the overalls hugging me. It also makes me feel proud that I am not the average guy wearing uncomfortable average pants.

A few days ago I have destroyed 4 of my normal pants. I only have 2 pants left to wear. The rest are all overalls. I have to admit that I really enjoyed destroying my normal pants. It felt ecstatic to make the first cut with the scissors in the pants knowing that I I am force dot wear overalls more often. I am looking forward to cut another of my normal pants again to reduce the number of normal pants to 1.

>> No.6355  

You are right and that is how overalls should be worn. Glad the jeans are being torn up as they should as well. Once i get a pair of overalls to sleep in my goal is met of overalls 24/7 only changing from one overalls to the next

>> No.6356  

I've always wondered why the crotch on work overalls was so long. Nobody's got a * that big, LOL! That does make sense because the bib is designed so that it can sit well above the wasteline. It's nice to not have to deal with a belt.

>> No.6357  

There a perfect fit indeed. Especially the idea of no belt is outstanding. Once i get a pair to sleep in i will truly be overalls only and no more jeans, pajamas etc. overalls are the better thing to wear and good to hear you are becoming a fan of them as well

>> No.6358  

There are quite a number of people who are as 'crazy' about overalls as we are. There are even more people who like overalls.

Most European overalls have a extremely short crotch length. I do not consider these kind of clothing as 'overalls' because the waist is at exactly the same height as normal pants are. The problem applies to most modern fashionable overalls. They are just pants with straps on them. The classic overalls (like those made by Dickies, Carhartt, Levis, Osh Kosh, etc) fit above the waistline. Those kind of overalls give the best feeling.

The ration between the crotch length and the length of the bib must be almost equal (the crotch length should be a bit longer though). it the bib is too long and the crotch too short it doesn't look that good and also doesn't give you the special overalls feeling.

Just as >>6356 and >>6357 have said, not having to wear a belt is one of the many advantages of wearing overalls.

>> No.6359  

Well said. Couldn’t agree more although ill take it a step further and say overalls 24/7 once i get a separate pair for sleeping. I should be wearing overalls and nothing else.

>> No.6366  
File: 1667934750323.jpg -(134041 B, 656x1166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's good to know. So, if you are looking for a good pair of overalls, you should look for a pair where the size of the bib and the crotch are almost the same. I've been looking to buy some fashion overalls. However, the product pictures on the store sites look different than standard overalls do. The crotch sections on them look short and the bib sizes seem to be quite small. If I were to pull the overalls as high as I wanted them, they would probably give me an uncomfortable wedgie feeling.

>> No.6367  

Could not agree more. I always buy a mixture of both and have many brands. I wear overalls in all situations and plan to make it overalls only. Then means ii will wear to bed and each day and only change from one overalls to the next.

>> No.6368  
File: 1668012073583.jpg -(105175 B, 966x1288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are absolutely right. The length of the crotch must be at least the same as the length of the bib. Actually the crotch should be much longer than the bib. If the length of the crotch is shorter than the bib (as is the case with most fashionable overalls), the overalls won't be comfortable to wear.

The Osh Kosh overalls on the picture are a great example of overalls with a long crotch. When the crotch is nice long you can pull the overalls up very high to the point that the bib touches your throat. This is the best and most comfortable way to wear overalls because you feel your entire body being covered by the overalls.

Some of the overalls made by Osh Kosh, Dickies, Levis, etc have a long crotch. Another options is to buy overalls with a long inseam. Longer inseam means longer crotch (usually).

I have attached a picture of me in my Dickies Indigo Rigid W40 x 36" overalls.They are my favorite overalls and I enjoy wearing them every day. The crotch is super long and the bib touches very lightly my throat. Thus, come on guys and pull those overalls up high.

>> No.6369  

I also love to wear overalls and I wear them almost every day. I'm not quite to the point where I feel comfortable wearing them openly in public. I wear overalls in public, but I put a hoodie or pull-over over the bibs so that no one can tell that I am wearing overalls. I have an obsession for the feeling of being enclosed in denim.

>> No.6370  

You’ll get there soon . At first i was the same way. I only wore on weekends with them mostly covered up. When I began working from home i said no more and began wearing openly everyday. If its cold outside i tuck the pullover inside the overalls so the bib shows at all times and avoid jackets whenever possible. I love to wear overalls and have begun to dislike jeans and will eventually get rid of em. Overalls are the best way to go and should be worn openly. Just go for it and you’ll be fine and you’ll probably get compliments along the way like i did.

>> No.6371  

Wlo75 has given good advice how to start wearing overalls in public. I would add my recommendations which I gained from wearing my overalls in public. The first and most important step is to wear overalls every single day all the time. This is crucial because it will get you used to the feeling of wearing overalls. This way you become addicted to the feeling of the overalls and will start to love your overalls more and more. Eventually the love for overalls will overrule the fear of wearing overalls in public. Cover your overalls with a zip-hoodie. Make sure that people can see just a few centimeters of the top of the bib by lowering the zipper of the hoodie. Lower the zipper even more and more such that more of the beautiful front of the overalls get visible. The next step is to fully open up hoodie such that the overalls are completely visible. Everyone can now clearly see that you are not Joe Average wearing normal boring average pants. No, you are a overalls wearer who loves his overalls. If people can see the entire front part of the bibs, why not put off that hoodie so the entire bibs are visible. If people see the front of the bibs, they already know you are hiding overalls. There is no point in hiding it with a hoodie. You can just as well take off the hoodie en show your overalls proudly to everyone in public.

Wearing overalls in public is very intense but very enjoyable. If you reach the point where you wear overalls in public, you will want to do it again.

>> No.6372  

He is right on that. If you add what he mentioned to what I mentioned you will be golden and wear overalls everyday openly. Be proud to wear overalls and you will probably get compliments as well. For me i take it a step further and sleep in Them as well as my goal is overalls only and only change from one overalls to the next pair. I

>> No.6374  

I appreciate DutchBibBoy's advice for becoming more comfortable about wearing overalls in public. I love wearing my Dickies and I wouldn't want everybody to think that I am trying to hide them. However, when it comes to wearing overalls, my preferences are slightly different. I prefer wearing the shortest available inseam, which is "30". I have my straps adjusted so that the bottom of the bib and top of the crotch line up with my navel. When I sit down the top of the bib almost reaches my throat, but doesn't touch it. I like the cool jingle/jangle sound the buckles make when I move my shoulders. I always have the bib high on my chest. I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.6375  

Dutchbibboy is right and well done on your end. I do the same by wearing the same way. I also wear a different pair everyday like he does as well and proudly show and say i wear overalls and proud of it. I get many compliments and folks stop and ask me where to buy as they need to wear. i am fully overalls only and tend to sleep in them as well so that i sleep and wear the next day changing into another overalls the next night. I do not wear jeans anymore and my philosophy is unless absolutely necessary if its not overalls i do not touch or wear. Also thank you to dutchbibboy for his advice as he has helped me as well.

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