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2546954 No.6241  

I was in middle school at the time at beginning of teen years. I wore Arizona brand and old navy brand. In high school i moved to dickies. Flash forward to now i do dickies, Levi’s, urban outfitters and Carhartt wip. With that said i have gone to overalls only so I wear everyday for every situation.

>> No.6243  

It was quite similar for me. I remember wearing them in elementary school and middle school as well. There was a gap from my later teen years until my twenties.
I can't wear them every day since I have an office job. But I still like to wear them at home or even in town sometimes.
Fun fact: One of my Arizona pairs from teen years still fit me. It's a snug fit but it works.

>> No.6244  

I am same way. Small break after high school and then back to wearing. At first it was weekends only and then when i was sent to work from home permanently it went to everyday. Now unless A special instance comes up( very rare) i am allowed to wear everyday. Glad you’re Arizona form back in the day still fits. I Loved that brand and shame i outgrew

>> No.6245  
File: 1657719639421.jpg -(4536376 B, 3680x6560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes. I still love that brand. Here is a picture of me wearing them while on a hike.

>> No.6247  

Me as well. Those look amazing on you. Hiking is a great time to wear If mine from back in the day still fit id still be wearing. Thats ok though as my current brands make up for that Are you on things such as instagram, Facebook,snapchat, telegram? Would love to chat more with you.

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