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File: 1656494049884.jpg -(690752 B, 1538x2050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6212  

Those overalls look good on you. It sounds like you are like me and prefer to wear overalls full time like me. I have seen your brand on the web(not the same subcategory)and if I ever need to replace one of mine i will consider.

>> No.6213  

I love those HUGE overalls buckles on each strap that attach to the top of your bib. They're much bigger than the buckles on the Dickies brand overalls. It makes the overalls stand-out more, which of course is a good thing.

>> No.6220  

those look really great! are you on our discord server?

>> No.6223  

No, I'm not. Is there an invite link?

>> No.6224  

Here we go:


>> No.6225  

Love the overalls and would not mind chatting with you as well but due to two step verification/technical issues i am not on discord. Are you on any of the following: instagram, Facebook messenger, snapchat, what’s app, telegram or instagram. Let me know and I’ll find you.

>> No.6234  

You should avoid the Zuckerberg / Meta Tracking Universe. I don´t wanna be a product sold to the industry, and that´s you are if you are on Facebook, Instagram ... and the other META Technologies.

>> No.6235  

I am also on telegram messenger and snapchat if you’d rather use that. The only reason not on discord is account locked due to two step verification issues that customer service refuses to resolve.

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File: 1657645947847.jpg -(233115 B, 636x572) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What do you think of these buckles?

>> No.6239  

Those look amazing on you. Those are the JCPenny brand. I had a different type of this brand when i was younger. Big buckles indeed but still amazing

>> No.6240  

Nice. How old were you when you had your pair? I wore overalls quite often when growing up.

>> No.6242  

I was in middle school at the time at beginning of teen years. I wore Arizona brand and old navy brand. In high school i moved to dickies. Flash forward to now i do dickies, Levi’s, urban outfitters and Carhartt wip. With that said i have gone to overalls only so I wear everyday for every situation.

>> No.6258  

Wearing overalls every day seems like an awesome lifestyle choice! One thing is holding me back from doing that. I often wonder how I would answer questions that my friends, family or people I know might ask me. Like, if they were to ask my why I wear overalls everyday.

>> No.6259  

When that happens i just say cause its more comfortable and fits better. Wearing everyday is very cool

>> No.6260  

Wearing overalls among friends is no problem. Other people are often much more curious and would stare at me. But they never commented so far.

>> No.6261  

Over time you’ll overcome that. Other folks will look but it’s a good thing. Thats how it started for me and now i get stopped and complemented a lot. That along with the fact that overalls are more comfortable that jeans it got me to switch. Unless a exception occurs i wear overalls. There are only 3 exceptions but will eventually get rid of those exct to overalls 100 percent(now at 97 percent).

>> No.6262  
File: 1658274802007.jpg -(543726 B, 720x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I recently bought myself a pair of Levis overalls. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.6263  

No problem and glad to help. Those look amazing on you. I have those exact same ones and love em. Levi’s make great overalls for sure.

>> No.6284  
File: 1662043513278.png -(420627 B, 395x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I remember seeing Arizona overalls for boys in a JCPenny mail-order catalog when I was in elementary school. I regret not having the courage to ask my parents to buy them for me.

>> No.6285  

In elementary school and middle school i wore Arizona brand overalls like the ones pictured and loved em. Shame i outgrew..

>> No.6286  
File: 1662479658787.jpg -(183245 B, 729x946) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I loved the Arizona corduroy bib overalls for boys and teens ;-)

Any other overall kids from the 90s here ?

>> No.6287  

I wish I had those type back in the day. Oh well now i have Carhartt wip, urban outfitters, levis and my personal favorite 2 osh kosh. I am finishing up the process of trashing my jeans and wear overalls everywhere including fancy things such as concerts. If its not overalls i cant wear it as i will be very uncomfortable and will have to take off to go into overalls:

>> No.6288  

I wore overalls all the time almost until high school. I got most of them from my older brother because he wore them in the 90s. One of the pairs was Osh Kosh, I don't remember what the other ones were. It's been 15 years since I stopped wearing them and I recently picked up a few pairs and I forgot how much I like wearing them.

>> No.6289  
File: 1662691841717.jpg -(295524 B, 686x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Great story. Osh kosh is a great brand and fits very well. That said very hard to find unless you get lucky on poshmark or ebay. I to had taken some time off overalls when i was going to college and working in a office. Once I went to work from home I realized how much I loved overalls and how uncomfortable i was in jeans and work clothes and made the switch to overalls only. Glad you went back to overalls and would love to hear what brands you have. For me it was osh kosh, Levi’s, urban outfitters, dickies and Carhartt wip. Here is a sample of one of mine.

>> No.6290  

My grandma got me some bibs when i was 13. Was bashful to wear them out till some friends stop by and surprised me while i was wearing bibs. Then they was easier to wear. I wore oshkosh a lot during 14 to 16. They fit more like jeans with a bib.

>> No.6291  

Great story. As you get use to them they will be easier to wear and you will get many compliments. And you are right osh kosh fit very well like jeans with a bib. Glad you like and got the chance to wear.Even with my other brands i feel the same way and will never wear regular jeans ever again.

>> No.6292  


I have a pair of tan Dickies that I really like the fit of, but I think they're a womens pair because they don't have a fly which is kind of annoying. I also have a a pair of dark grey denim Ikeda overalls which are a little too big but still comfortable. I want to find a denim Osh Kosh pair.

>> No.6293  

Ikeda and dickies are great brands. I have a blue dickies in my collection. For osh kosh try places like ebay and poshmark as that will be the best chance. In the meantime based on what you told me i think you’d love a carharrt wip blue as well. If you’d like to chat with me in real time let me know and we can do so on like instagram or telegram for example.

>> No.6294  

My last comment was for post 6292

>> No.6295  

Did your friends say that they liked your overalls when they saw you wearing them? Or did they not say anything about them at all?

>> No.6296  

Every time i wear my overalls(which is almost every day) my friends and others compliment me. Every where i go i get compliments and love it. Like i say earlier i have many brands that get complimented. I am happy I went overalls only. More comfortable and the compliments.

>> No.6297  

My friend was like since when do you wear bibs? And asked how they wear and if they are comfortable. A few days later i went to his house and wore bibs again since he knew i had some. He came out wearing some Arizona bibs he just got. From then on i wasnt as bashful wearing them in public because we both wore our bibs together alot.

>> No.6298  

It's cool that your friend was willing to step outside his 'comfort zone' by purchasing overalls for himself and wearing them with you. He must have been a great friend!

>> No.6299  

That is good he wears as well with you. Helps the comfort level wearing them out. In 7th grade i got a class mate to get although he wore straps down most of the time. Overalls are great to wear and very comfortable. I now only wear overalls each day and have the support from family and friends in doing so and will never wear a jean again.

>> No.6301  

I was in Elementary School in the 1990's when overalls were very popular and were worn by both boys and girls. A few guys in my classes wore overalls, but would leave one strap unfastened and have it dangle/hang behind their back. Half of the bib would be folded over and hanging down. I never really understood why people did that. When overalls are not worn properly, it is impossible to determine which brand the person is wearing.) [][] I asked my parents if they would buy me some overalls, but they refused. My father told me, "Overalls are not for fashion. They're for working and getting dirty chores done." [][] I didn't get to discover the comfort of overalls until I was an adult and moved out of my parents' house. [][] I would like to start wearing my overalls around my friends. I sometimes wear them in public, but I feel a big rush and embarrassing-like feeling when I wear them out.

>> No.6302  

I never understood the reasoning behind 1 strap as well. My thoughts are to wear up fully. Although you did not experience then you got to experience now. Over time as you wear out and around friends you will be more comfortable and no need to be embarrassed at all. You will get many compliments as well. If you’d like to chat further i am on things such as telegram, instagram etc just let me know and good to talk with you

>> No.6303  
File: 1663967064266.jpg -(1045567 B, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you for the advice. The two guys in my classes that wore overalls with one strap undone both wore Old Navy overalls. They used to make them for boys in the late 1990's. The bib looked similar to this...

>> No.6304  

You’re welcome for the advice and always glad to help. Back in the day i had those old navy overalls but always wore both straps and loved em. Now i wear brands such as carhartt wip and osh kosh which are amazing. I Am always on my phone so feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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