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Has anyone noticed that Dickies has changed the design of the Stonewashed bib overalls?

>> No.6161  
File: 1652810326274.jpg -(187423 B, 281x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Old Design

>> No.6162  
File: 1652810347766.jpg -(162489 B, 281x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New design

>> No.6163  

I just ordered a pair (above) and am wondering if I should return it and exchange for another pair.

>> No.6164  

I have noticed that. They have made bib pocket smaller and others folks have reported that. That being said they still look good on you and id say keep em.

>> No.6165  

The question is, does a Phone still fits into the pocket ? But it looks great on you ;-)

>> No.6166  

Could not agree more. They look good on you and i would think a phone would fit once you unbutton the bib pocket. Keep em i say.

>> No.6167  

I like the old design better.

>> No.6169  
File: 1652901954313.jpg -(534461 B, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you. I haven't tried yet to see if a phone fits in the new, smaller bib pocket. I will keep this pair for now, I guess. I am going to make another attempt to order the stonewashed Dickies overalls from another store. If I am unsuccessful, I might have to switch to buying the Indigo Dickies from now on.

>> No.6170  

Always good to have more than one pair and style and dickies is a great brand for overalls. That being said the ones you have on look great on you and great to wear out.

>> No.6171  

In addition how many pair of overalls do you have thus far? Adding additional pairs is also good as overalls are great to wear. For me I stocked up with a bunch as I only wear overalls.

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