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At what did you start wearing overalls? I was 13, when an order for jeans ended up being bib overalls. We were going to return them, but i tried them on and they fit well. I was a bit bashful to wear them at first, but soon liked them better than jeans.

>> No.6108  

I began to wear overalls in middle school using old navy and dickies brand. Then flash to now i wear Levi’s, carharrt wip and peviani overalls. I wear overalls everyday and nothing else as they are better than jeans as you say. Do you only wear overalls as well?

>> No.6109  

I was around 12 and loved the feeling so much that I kept wearing them

>> No.6110  

Nice! Around the same as me. Now you say you kept wearing and curious, do you only wear overalls?

>> No.6111  
File: 1647266580573.jpg -(195122 B, 798x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

almost only, I only have one other pair that's not overalls, so I basically don't g et to wear anything else :)

>> No.6112  

That is the way to it. I prefer it that way. Overalls only is much more comfortable. The only thing i need to do I find a way to wear in summer as vegas heat is a killer. Oh and nice overalls btw. They look good on you.

>> No.6113  

I was in elementary school in the 1990s. I wore snow bibs at recess, but not denim overalls. I saw several guys come to school dressed in overalls. I though they looked 'cool' and wanted a pair of my own. I ask my parents, but they refused to buy me any. I moved out my parents house after graduating from high school. I ordered myself a few pairs of Dickies overalls online. I love wearing them, but I haven't worn them outside of my home yet. I'm afraid that wearing overalls will attract too much attention.

>> No.6114  

Nice. Dickies is a good brand. They are good to wear out. Only attention you will get is complements. Overalls is all I wear and it wrks out perfectly.

>> No.6115  
File: 1647514795090.jpg -(122666 B, 1080x1345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

let's wear them together them! wearing overalls is nothing one needs to be shy about nowadays!

>> No.6119  

Amen. Let’s wear em together. Nothing to be afraid of. Also wear as much as possible.

>> No.6120  

Nice on your overalls and they look good on you. What brand are they?

>> No.6121  

What kinds of compliments do you get? I would think that the average person would be very surprised to see a man wearing overalls, not for work but for fashion.

>> No.6122  

Once i got stopped by a lady on her break at the hair salon before I reached my destination saying she likes my brown overalls. Secondly my friends and i ate at a Buffalo Wild Wings and this particular waitress insisted she serve us cause she liked my denim overalls. She complimented me and then served us. I get many compliments but those are two of them. I

>> No.6123  

Now that being said, i made the switch to overalls only last year right after i started getting compliments. I knew I wanted to do that before then but was a bit nervous. I started with wearing a 2 days week and then once the compliments started I fully made the switch. I went and bought a couple more levis and 2 carharrt wips so i could go overalls only. Unless absolutely necessary (which is rare) i only wear overalls.

>> No.6124  

That's great to hear that people complimented you about your overalls. By the way, did your friends say anything when they noticed that you started wearing overalls everyday? I guess, I'm mostly worried about what my friends reactions will be, when I decide to wear my overalls around them.

>> No.6125  

Compliments are always good for sure. I see my friends twice a week due their work schedule and they like em and their father even got a pair. Note i work from home which allows me to do this easily. Now with this said i will have to figure out something for summer as vegas 100 degree heat is a killer as i do not want to wear jeans. Now for you just go for it, nothing to be afraid of. I think your friends will compliment and along with others like i got.

>> No.6126  

meant to add above. no matter the brands you have just go for it. you will get a lot of compliments from friends and other.

>> No.6132  

Great advice. I will start wearing my overalls more often and that should make me feel more comfortable about wearing them around my friends. What color shirts go best with overalls? I like wearing t-shirts and hoodies with my overalls.

>> No.6133  

Great plan. Color wise I usually mix it up. Mostly black and blue t shirts but i i also have one green nike shirt and one red vans shirt. I use black hoodies as needed(vegas is not cold much). As you wear more and more your confidence and comfortable level will go up for sure. I hope that helps.

>> No.6134  

Thank you for the advice.

I must get used to wearing my overalls in public. Overalls can be a very eye-catching piece of clothing and I might stand out in them. But I guess that's okay, because overalls make me happy and are very comfortable to wear.

I remember how excited I get when I put on a pair of overalls: holding the bib on my chest with one hand and reaching back with my other hand to grab each strap and buckle it to the bib. I look at myself in the mirror, while I adjust the straps on my shoulders and I think I look very handsome. Maybe that's all that should matter to me.

>> No.6135  

Could not agree more with all that. Overalls make me happy and comfortable as well and am always excited to wear everyday. as you wear in public you will get more comfortable and overalls will be your go to more. you will stand out more as well. Glad i was able to help. I am always up to talk so always feel free to reach out to me on here and we can chat here or through another medium outside here(email etc).

>> No.6136  

Meant to say in last message stand out in a good way getting compliments

>> No.6145  

I’ve been receiving a surprising amount of compliments on my rigid denim Dickies overalls. Several then ask where they can buy them. Should point out I’m a guy, so it’s nice to see people have stopped assuming they’re only to be worn by women.

>> No.6146  

Nice on that compliment and dickies overalls are great ones as well. Compliments are always good and confirms overalls can and should be worn by men as well. Matter of fact i went to apple store sunday and the lady who helped me complimented mine which were carahatt wip. That was my confirmation to continue with only wearing overalls.

>> No.6182  

I wore overalls for the first time when I was 14. While on vacation I made a friend. One afternoon when we were going to the movies, this boy appeared in overalls. I loved them, and after the movie I took courage and asked him about them. He explained to me that he only used them on vacations since he was in a hurry to use them with his friends in his city. But that he liked it a lot, since they were really comfortable. I told him that I would love to have some, since he looked very good, and he suggested that I try them on, and so we did. We entered a bathroom, and we exchanged pants, thus returning home with my overalls. It was a great experience, and since then I have been looking for a pair to buy.
But unfortunately I couldn't find them, or the ones I found weren't my size, since by 18 I reached two meters tall, and it was difficult to find those sizes. Until very recently I did not get my first pair thanks to the internet, especially thanks to ebay. Now I've got a fair amount of pairs, and I still enjoy wearing overalls whenever possible.

>> No.6183  

Very nice on that a great way to start wearing overalls. I started wearing in middle school when i saw a lot of people at school wearing which led to a classmate asking where i got them to buy himself. Once you get a pair you will want to wear as much as possible. I too have the levis brand and Carhartt wip as well which are amazing and just added urban outfitters brand. Since i work from home taking calls and doing auditing to make sure things are done right in the insurance field i try for the most part to only wear overalls unless an exception occurs. Overalls are very comfortable and whenever possible wear em.

>> No.6197  

I went to elementary school and part of middle school in the 1990s. Two male students in my 6th grade classes wore Old Navy overalls with one strap undone. In middle school, a guy in one of my classes wore Fubu overalls and a few other guys wore Tommy Hilfiger overalls. Every guy that I saw wearing overalls in middle school wore them properly with both straps fastened and on the shoulder. However, female students who wore overalls to school hugely outnumbered the very small minority of male students who wore them. I remember that several females wore their overalls for their school portrait / yearbook picture. I was too shy to ask my parents to buy me overalls.

>> No.6198  

Great story. Old navy overalls is how started wearing overalls. I was initially embarrassed to ask for and wear em but overcame that and have worn overalls ever since.

>> No.6202  
File: 1654929244533.jpg -(633419 B, 1538x2050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was around 19 when I bought my first overalls for no specific reason. I liked them and now I'm wearing overalls most of the time.

>> No.6203  

Good story on that. I am the same way. Unless I have to i only want to wear overalls and nothing else. Anything else is uncomfortable.

>> No.6204  

If you don't mind sharing, what brand of overalls are you wearing in post number >>6202 ? They look really cool. I might want to order a pair if they are still being made.

>> No.6205  

The brand is called "Uskees" and the specific model was called "Christopher". I think they don't make them anymore.

>> No.6206  

Thank you. I appreciate the info on that. The design of your overalls and the bib itself... look a lot similar to "traditional" overalls. I only prefer to wear overalls that have a simple bib which covers almost all of my chest area. They also must have a large bib pocket.

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