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File: 1646090929564.jpg -(185900 B, 408x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
185900 No.6088  

Here’s my new pair of Levi's Overalls!

>> No.6089  

Those look good on you. I love levis brand overalls. I wear those and carharrt wip. Below is a sample of me in levis.

>> No.6090  
File: 1646101176747.jpg -(2081844 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Me in levis

>> No.6091  

Thank you, those look good on you too! I love the Levi’s brand of overalls. I have there pairs of them now, I would like to get a pair of the Carhartt Wip brand as well!

>> No.6092  

Thank you. I have a bunch of levis which include both dark and light blue, cammo, black and brown. Levis are great along with carharrt wip and the peviani i have. If you branch into carharrt wip you will like them. Photo below.

>> No.6093  
File: 1646149402767.jpg -(1908823 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

These are the stonewah blue kind.

>> No.6094  

That’s awesome man! Sounds like you have one of every color. I have two of the light blue and I just bought the black pair a few days ago. I definitely want to get the brown Levi’s overalls soon and get a pair of Carhartt Wip’s! I have two pairs of Liberty overalls, one pair of Oshgosh overalls, and of course three pairs of Levi’s overalls! I use to have a regular pair of Carhartt light blue and Carhartt light brown, but I outgrew them a few years back and of course a pair of Key Imperial overalls! I try to wear overalls as much as I can! We should chat sometime about overalls, that would be fun!

>> No.6095  
File: 1646174638162.jpg -(128391 B, 216x616) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6096  

You have a good collection as well and bet the others look great on you. As i say that i see your light blue and they look great on you. I do have a lot of Levi’s and colors along with carharrt wip. I work from home at the moment and due to that i only wear overalls and only wear jeans on special rare occasions. I prefer only overalls if possible. If you do get brown Levi’s and carharrt wips thise will look good as well. We should chat fully sometime outside this. If you use any apps such as whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, email etc. we can set up a time and chat there. Just let me know.

>> No.6097  

Thank you man, yeah I do have a pretty nice collection, though I definitely want more soon, lol. I’ve had different ones over the years, but of course I outgrew most of them. Anyways, we’ll that’s nice you work from home, I would definitely be wearing my overalls everyday too if I worked from home. Yeah I wear jeans and pants too, but I try to wear my overalls more often then those. Well thanks again, I’ll definitely try and get those other overalls soon. Yeah that sounds good, though I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram anymore, but I do have a Discord or my email at Overallsman86@yahoo.com

>> No.6098  

Sounds good and would love to chat with you. I used to have discord but due to two step issues it got locked and discord refused to unlock. I guess we can use email for now unless we think of another app to use. Let me know and we can set a time to chat. I hope you do end up getting those other overalls as you will look good in them

>> No.6099  

Just sent you an email.

>> No.6100  

Hey that sounds good! I’ll check your email when I get off work! :)

>> No.6101  
File: 1646537669771.jpg -(4320757 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Two more from my collection. 1 super Mario special overalls and one peviani overalls. As i have many overalls i wear a different one each day.

>> No.6103  

Photo 2

>> No.6104  

Nice man, I like your overalls! I’ve seen the Super Mario Overalls and would love to get a pair like those!

>> No.6105  

Thanks. They are good ones for sure. If you do get the only place to find is ebay as no one else carries.

>> No.6106  

Your Welcome, yeah I’ll check out eBay and see if I can find those in my size!

>> No.6144  

Had to add a new pair to replace one that is too small. Whatcha think of these https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-baggy-skate-fit-overall?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=107&searchparams=q%3Dmens%2520overalls&type=REGULAR&quantity=1

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