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Which look do you like better: having the bib 'sit high' on the chest --or-- having the bib 'sit low' on the chest? When wearing overalls with the bib high on the chest, the straps are short and the bib comes up to just below the neck. When wearing overalls with the bib low on the chest, the straps are longer and the bib comes up below the armpits. *** I prefer to wear my overalls with the bib high on the chest. The bib is snug, yet comfortable on my body and I can feel the straps tugging on my shoulders as I move and walk.

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What differentiates a bib overalls from ordinary pants? The main difference is the fact that overalls do not have an uncomfortable waist like pants have. The waist band on an overall sits higher in comparison. This is one of the reasons why people like overalls. Wearing overalls very low defies that advantage. Not only that but it looks very sloppy and is very uncomfortable. The straps will slides off your shoulders much easier. In my opinion, if one wears overalls very low why even bother wearing overalls in the first place. You can better wear ordinary jeans instead. I wear my overalls as high as possible. The waist band of my overalls is always above my belly button and the sides of the overalls reach my lower ribs. When wearing my overalls this high and pulled up, I have the feeling that I am properly enclosed in my overalls which gives me a good feeling. Also the straps (as you correctly pointed out) do not slide of my shoulder. When wearing overalls high it gives you the feeling that you are really wearing overalls and not some ugly and uncomfortable ordinary pair of pants. That is why we wear overalls right? To wear overalls high on your chest depends on the type of overall as well. When you have an overalls with a relative short crotch then it is impossible to wear them at a decent height. This is the main reason why I wear overalls from brands like Dickies, Carhartt, Key, etc. Try it out. Buy a pair of overalls with a long crotch and pull them up high on your chest. If you are not used to it, you can pull them higher and higher over the course of day in order to get used to a high fitting pair of overalls. Pull your overalls as high as comfortably possible and enjoy the enclosed feeling that the overalls give you.

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