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How do you all fell about overalls with only wearing one strap and the other hangs? I have gotten suggestions to wear like that and looking for opinion.

>> No.5587  

Just looking for opinions for wearing on strap off as I am thinking about doing that from now on.

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>> No.5591  

Does anyone wear overalls with only one strap up?

>> No.5598  
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Wearing overalls with one strap undone looks pretty "unbalanced" and sloppy. Also, if someone sees your overalls and wants to buy a pair for themselves, they won't know what brand they are, because they won't be able to see the tag on the bib!

>> No.5599  

Gotcha! Just getting opinions is all. I wear shirt shirts with logos on them and folks have suggested the idea so the logo on shirt is shown.

>> No.5600  

So if you are wearing a shirt with a logo, how will you determine which overalls strap to leave unfastened (left or right)?

>> No.5601  

I am thinking the left if I do it.

>> No.5604  

I will wear all overalls with left strap undone so logo shirt can be seen just like photo

>> No.5605  

And left strap will hang visibly behind me. I like it.

>> No.5608  

Or if you wanted the whole shirt to be visible, you could unfasten both straps and the left and right strap would hang visibly behind you.

>> No.5609  

I cannot go that far as they will not stay up. I like it better just wearing one strap. More comfortable. Thanks for suggestion though

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