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Since many seem to share their experience with overalls during their childhood I thought about sharing mine too.

I was wearing overalls already when I was a little child or rather almost a baby, but back then I obviously wasn't aware of anything. The first time I can really remember myself wearing overalls, was during the times when I went to Kindergarden and after, here in Germany.

It was around the end, probably last year of my Kindergarden time and most of the years I went to Elementary School, when I was wearing blue denim overalls, with two buttons on the back, holding each of the overall straps, which were a little bit too big for me first and probably used, since they were not in a perfect and new condition because as a little kid you obviously tend to play around and get dirty etc. and that is also what happend during this time, when I played outside with my friends and we often went into the forest to play around there and build ourselves a cool base out of the materials the forest has to offer. During these times we used to spend time there during almost every weather, so it often happened that I got muddy from sliding down the slopes in the forest and also wet during stronger rain, while wearing my overalls.

I also sometimes wore my overalls at Elementary School, even though some mean kids made fun of me for obvious reasons we all already know, but I just tried to ignore them, until one day one of the known bullies came to me and tried to bully me by pulling my straps from behind my back, while the other mean kids laughed at me. I obviously reported it to the teachers, which luckily made him stop bullying me, but it made me stop wearing overalls at Elementary School because it was kinda embarrassing to me back then. Therefore, I only wore them after school when I was spending time with my friends who never said anything bad and were rather interested why I wore them so often. I told them that they feel super comfy because they are not so tight around your waist and don’t need a belt, unlike normal pants. But one day they unfortunately broke, while playing outside in the forest with my friends, when one of the buttons on the back came off, while sliding down a slope or something and one of my straps became lose. I slightly remember that I continued wearing them for some time, while playing outside with my friends with just one strap, until my friends thought about the stupid idea of me trying to hang on a branch because it would look funny or something, which was a bad idea for many reasons and caused it to totally break, so I had to go home and change. My parents just threw them away or something, since I never saw the again.

In the future more stuff happened with new overalls I got, but it would be too long to write down everything in one post.

>> No.5538  

You should finish the rest of your story. Did you wear overalls as a teenager too?

>> No.5539  

I guess I will then, once I have the time to write it down and yes I did, the rest of the story is about this time.

>> No.5659  

You never finished your story about wearing bib overalls as a teenager.

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You should finish you story about wearing bibs in your teenage years

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