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>> No.6060  

How did you explain to your parents about getting overalls for the first time? I want to but I don’t know if my parents will understand lol

>> No.6061  

I live with family and one day i said I wanted to go back to wearing overalls. My family took a look at a photo of what i wanted and initially said no but with persistence they eventually said that will look good on you go ahead and give a try. They were rvca’s and they were great. Eventually i lost weight and they became too big. That said i began stocking up as I knew i only wanted to wear overalls and nothing else. Family was good with it and I bought a bunch of em which include,levis, carharrt wip and peviani and overalls is the only thing i wear. All you have to do is tell em you want em with persistence like i did and now thats all i wear

>> No.6062  

Hope that helps. Your family should understand so you can be in overalls.

>> No.6453  

I begged for a pair when i was 13, but mom thought i would be too bashful to wear them. Around 14, my grandma unexpectedly gave my 2 pairs that fit real well. I was bashful to wear them at first as it was summer. But the more i wore them, the more i liked them. Once i was brave enough i wore them to a friends house, then it was a lot easier to wear bib in public.

>> No.6455  

Declan McKenna must be a bibboy himself. I wonder how many pairs of overalls he owns? I've seen pictures of him in Dickies, Key and Carhartt overalls.

>> No.6456  

Great job. Once you get used to overalls the easier it is to wear out. It took me about a year to adjust to that and after wearing to my friends house i made the switch to overalls only. It’s perfect now and very easy

>> No.6457  

I am super curios about that, too

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