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I can remember when I was a little boy. My parents made me wear overalls for kindergarten one day, although I also had wanted them. They were rigid indigo denim (the stiff, Navy blue kind) with the big brass buckles. It was 1985, I believe. Since they didn't just stop at your waist, I was fascinated by that. I had to be reminded how to put them on. My Dad came up to my room as I was dressing that day, to help me. "First, pick out the T-shirt you want to have on underneath your front bib, and wear that." I did so. It seemed weird to me, putting on pants that came with a bib that goes up and over your shirt. It's like I still needed to keep my food from spilling on my shirt while I ate or something. I asked him do I just wear my briefs (underwear) on under them, and he said, "Yes, start with just your underwear and the shirt that you want to have on behind your bib." "Now, just put on the pants like you would ordinarily." So, I did. Then he said, "You have to button the side bib buttons (that is what he said they were called as opposed to the button in the middle of pant -- meaning the two buttons on each side of a pair of bib overalls near the hips) so they bring the front waistband up in front of your underwear." I remember how the waistband of that particular pair of bib overalls happened to come just to where my T-shirt bottom was and where my underpants began. "Now, bring the bib straps up and over your shoulders," he reminded me. I reached behind me and brought each bib strap up, over my shoulder, one at a time. They felt like seat belts on me, they were so massively wide. I felt the sliding buckle on each strap. "That's the sliding bib strap buckle, you can move it to adjust the bib straps to be like they are a different length." I fiddled with them for a bit. "OK, c'mon, now bring the bib up and over your shirt," he instructed me, "and fasten on the bib clips to the buttons on the top of the bib." Bib clips were what he called the metal buckles on the ends of the straps. I can remember bringing the bib slowly up over my shirt. I felt like it was controlling me. I couldn't see part of the design on the front of my shirt anymore, and I felt like a little kid (to me then, "little kid" meant like a toddler). Guiding the button on one side of the bib, I stuck it through the big round part of the bib strap buckle. Then I pulled it down until it went "CLICK!" "OK, now do the other side," Dad told me. I felt this weird sensation like I was controlled. It made me feel interesting. I went down the stairs to continue getting ready for school. I felt kind of embarrassed to, as I felt like, basically needing to have a bib up in front of my shirt as part of the very pants I was wearing. Like I couldn't not be messy otherwise. I told my Mom, who was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, that I wanted to go upstairs and change into something else. "No, you can't, we'll be late for school!" I cried my eyes out and fussed, I very much wanted to be out of the overalls. But finally, I relented. Then I remember just feeling so completely mortified at school...I was so ashamed, but also excited in a strange kind of way, and kept staring at that bib that was in front my shirt all day. Partly, I kept thinking like other kids would see my underwear through the gap between where the side bib buttons on your hips are and where the fabric is sewn together. Finally, I made it home and got into something different. But I will never forget that day. As an adult, now i wear bib overalls all the time. They are the opposite of my work clothes. And of course, they are comfy and make me feel great. I hope to someday meet someone else who is male and lives in my area -- Washington, DC -- who also likes to wear bib overalls. I love seeing tall men in bib overalls. Wish I could find a nice guy who will be my bib overalls buddy. Let me know if interested.

>> No.5434  

Cool story! :) Did you ever wear overalls to school after your first day of kindergarten?

>> No.5437  

I didn't wear them a whole lot to school my entire growing up years. However, I was in the last two years of high school in the late Nineties when all of a sudden overalls were cool, and even the jocks wore them all the time, so I wore mine too. Since then, I've not been shy about wearing bib overalls out in public. If only I could meet another guy who also likes being in bib overalls all the time, that would be super great :-)

>> No.5440  

It's an interesting story.
I always remembered wearing overalls to school. Still, I'm a boy born in 1995, and I wore my overalls until 2008. Not really a time when overalls were popular with boys in France. However, I didn't pretend to care what my classmates might think of me. Anyway, the other kids were already mean to me, with my overalls or not.
Overalls have always fascinated me, I never knew why. Maybe because I easily identified with Mario as a kid. Or by this very particular silouette that the overalls confer. I like to see myself in overalls, I am quite small in size and have a very thin silhouette.
But the days of I didn't care what my classmates thought are over. My relationship with overalls is different, I love them a lot more than just clothes. I have tried to go out publicly in overalls the last weeks, it has never been easy. Already out of fear of what people might think (it's paradoxical, I take better responsibility for other things), but also because of this unparalleled love that I have for overalls.

>> No.5467  

I love the feeling of overalls on my body when I wear them! The straps holding the bib against my chest. The sensory feeling of being enveloped in denim all around... It feels like someone is giving me a hug. It would be an interesting experience if one of my friends started playing around with my overalls while I'm wearing them -- unfastenening the buckles, tightening the straps and then buckling the straps to the bib.

>> No.5468  

I love the way they feel on me. I have 4 pairs which with which 3 Are Levi’s brand and 1 is rvca. If it was not for work and certain special occasions I would ditch the jeans and only wear overalls. That being said on weekends I only wear overalls. By the way rvca has come out with 3 news overalls if anyone is interested. Just check out their website.

>> No.5470  

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
There are similaries to my ones which I made when I was a kid and a teenager.

In kindergarten age in the early 80's I can remember that my mother forced me to wear overalls. She got them mainly from relatives or friends, and they were even in those days old and quite ugly. Not to be compared to those that we know today. It has been ones e.g. with plastic buttons but metal braces, with big front zippers from the very top down to the crotch or ones of dark blue cordoury. Believe me - they really looked extremly ugly, and I feld very uncomfortable in them. So I refused to wear them and became aggressive what made my mother desperate. Today, I feel a bit sorry for her, after all, it was a difficult time when my parents were right before their divorce.
Anyway. There were other kids in the kindergarten and later in the elementary school who wore overalls - and I loved them! I admired their self confidence of wearing overalls and to show the bib to the other kids. I remember some girls that I really liked and who were wearing OshKosh B'Gosh overalls. These were ones that I loved most and that I wished I could have had them, too. In the age of about six or seven I once found a denim kid's overall in a fashion catalogue that was laying in out living room. I showed it to my mother, but she said: "No! You were making such a fuss concerning overalls! You were crying, shouting and yelling at me, you refused them, I agreed, and so you will not get an overall again! Case closed."
But the topic kept on working in me, I went on looking for overalls that I liked, and the more I observed other kids the more I recognised that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you only wear clothes that are cute and fancy such as the OshKosh overalls - and not such old fashioned 60's crap.

To make a long story short: I developed a secret love for overalls, and they became a fetish. I must been about 11 or 12 when they started to become sexually interesting for me. Of course, I wanted to have ones, too, especially those OshKosh overalls. It were the early 90's with no internet and no chance for me to buy items outside my hometown. In autum 1996, when I was 16, I finally found an OshKosh overalls in adult size in a shop in Frankfurt, Germany (I used to live there nearby). I was so happy about it, but I was afraid to wear it with the bib visible. Although I got more and more overalls I have the problem up to today: It's almost not possible for me to wear one of my overalls with shirt or sweater underneath the bib. There are some very few friends of mine who know about my fetish and of which I know that it's OK if I come around with a visible overall, but I won't do it at work or outside in the city or supermarket.

Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time to the early 90's, when I was about 13 or 14 when overalls were really in style and almost everyone had ones. With the self-confidence of today and the necessary encourage I would like to have my school time again. And then I would wear overalls ONLY. I regret that this time is over and that now I do not have the chance to make this experience anymore.

Now, I still wear overalls (right now a brown Dickies), and I am keen in overalls on others. Meanwhile I made my peace with it. Other people are keen in leather and boots, I have a preference for overalls. Lucky for me my girlfriend accepts that, and she even has got a skirtall which she wears for me in summertime.

>> No.5471  

Thanks for sharing your story.
I was forced to wear overalls as kid until 12. And hated it. My Mom always wanted to dress me properly. Means that I got dressed in Overalls and Poloshirts, Jeans with Suspenders. Meanwhile other Kids hat cool T-Shirts with Turtles on it. I often made a tantrum about it. And sometimes it ended in timeout for me or as we are in the early 90s a slap on my bottom. My "love" for overalls came back when I was 17 yrs old. Bought first overall and hide it in my closet. Now iam 34 and I wear Overalls almost every day. Even in Public. To be honest sometimes I still feel ashamed like back in the old days. Especially when Teenagers looking at me...

>> No.5472  

Like I say previously if there was a way to I would never wear jeans again and only use overalls. Thanks to work I cannot do that though.

>> No.5473  

I was always fascinated by overalls since I can remember. I got my first pair of overalls when I was around 5 years old. I can still remember the day I went to the mall with my parent to buy new clothing. All I was hoping for was for my parents to pick some nice overalls for me since I was too scared to ask them to buy a pair of overalls for me. We were in the middle of the store and my parent picked out a pair of brown pants. I could not see whether they were overalls or not. In the cabin I came to the conclusion that they were in fact overalls. I can still remember how I looked at them feeling a rush of pleasure in my body. This is what I always wanted. Slowly I put my legs in the overalls and pulled the overalls to the height of my waist as if it was a normal pant. The overalls had to be buckled up otherwise they would fall down. I reached to the first strap which was hanging down from my butt. I felt the overalls climbing higher and higher and higher on my body covering my chest which was needed to fastened the first strap. I fastened the other one as well. I was scared and excited at the same time. This was a huge different feeling than I was used to when wearing normal pants. It felt so much better. I could feel the straps on my shoulders, the waist of the overalls nice high on my belly and the sides hugging me. I was finally inside overalls. My parents asked me to come out of the cabin and show me them the overalls. They checked them and said to me if I liked them. Different scenarios were going through my mind. I could say "no", but then I would never be able to wear these wonderful overalls. If I said "yes", then they would find out that I secretly love overalls. The embarrassing of wearing overalls openly in front of my parents wast doing any good either. The overalls felt so amazing on my body I just can not refuse these. This is what i want. This is what I need. I had to overcome my fears and said "yes". "Then we are done here. Put them off and change to your normal clothes again" said one of my parents.

I was wearing my overalls some days of the week and wearing my normal pants on the other days. I enjoyed wearing my bib overalls a lot. I made my normal pants dirty on purpose so I could wear my bib overalls again. At school I went often to the bathroom when I was wearing overalls. Not to do the usual business but to adjust the straps of the overalls so they got higher on my body. The overalls would get higher on my chest and more tight. I enjoy it a lot when pulling them higher. The crotch was stretched over my belly and the waistband of the overalls was past my belly button.

I grew my overalls out in a few years. My parents had them disposed and that felt like an end to my overalls life. I felt sad. I didn't want to wear normal pants. All I wanted now was to wear only overalls for the rest of my life. Never again having to wear normal jeans. Years went by before I could finally buy clothing for myself. When I finally was able to buy my own clothes without the intervention of my parents, I bought my first bib overalls. It was a Dickies Stonewashed overalls. The first time I put on my Dickies overalls felt the same as when I was a little boy. But there was something different though. This time I will never let go of bib overalls and I promised that I will one day I will be wearing only overalls for the rest of my life.

Right now I wear overalls at least a few hours a day and have a nice growing collection of bib overalls. The day is coming closer when I can finally say goodbye to my normal pants and live my life in overalls.

>> No.5474  

Nice story! I also have several pairs of Dickies overalls. I like them a lot because they look just like traditional, old-fashioned overalls did -- and they are easy to purchase online.

I tried asking my parents to buy me overalls when I was a kid, but my parents refused and told me that "no one wears overalls anymore!"

I am very nervous about wearing my overalls around friends. On the other hand, I don't want to keep my love for overalls a secret, either. You would think that real friends wouldn't care what you wear and accept you for who you are, right??

>> No.5476  

Dickies overalls are amazing. They are indeed traditional overalls and that makes them very attractive and comfortable to wear. The traditional overalls can be worn very high on the chest which I prefer. I believe that overalls should always be worn as high as possible to get the best feeling. For example the bib of my Dickies overall is touching my neck while I sit.

Wearing overalls outside openly can be challenging. But maybe the following things can help you. First of all your body and mind must get used to overalls. Make sure you wear your overalls every day even if you are not in the mood for wearing overalls. Secondly, your overalls are the most important part of your outfit. Hoodie and T-shirts always go inside the overall. Covering your overalls makes it much less comfortable. If you cover them, them you can better wear normal pants instead. And thirdly you mus become proud when wearing overalls. I know that wearing overalls can be scary but you can turn the anxiety to feeling proud. You are not like other people. You are not wearing those average, ugly and uncomfortable pants like everyone else. Instead of wearing waist squeezing pants, overalls cover the whole body and look awesome. If someone looks at your overalls, dont feel afraid but feel proud to be wearing fully visible overalls.

>> No.5482  

I also like to wear my Dickies overalls high on my chest and the bib reaches my neck when I am sitting down. Your advice sounds quite helpful. I guess you should be proud, if you are able to wear overalls without having anxiety. That would be a good personal goal for me to work towards.

>> No.5491  

It is actually very cool when people look at your overalls when you wearing them openly. I am proud to wear overalls and not those ugly and uncomfortable normal jeans. I need to feel the bib high on my chest and the straps over my shoulders. I can not stand normal jeans. If you like, I can help you by getting over your anxiety for wearing overalls openly.

>> No.5492  

If it was not for work or certain special occasions I would ditch the jeans entirely and move to overalls only.

>> No.5493  
File: 1600022515469.jpg -(1425643 B, 2070x2760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm a pretty skinny guy. In order to have the bib sit high on my chest, I need to move the strap adjusters/sliders almost all the way back, which makes the straps really short. I have included a 'selfi' photo I took of myself as an example. (For personal privacy reasons, I don't show my face...)

>> No.5505  
File: 1600966876335.jpg -(352959 B, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow, that is an amazing picture. Very nice to see how high those overalls are. The higher the overalls the better they feel. Overalls should always be worn as high as possible for the maximal feeling. I have added a picture of me in my bibs

I put my bibs on just as normal pants in the beginning. The bibs is then at the same height as a normal pair of jeans i.e. at your waist. But luckily your are putting on bibs and not normal pants. But the magic happens when you reach for the straps and bring them over your shoulders. At the same time your are pulling on the straps, you also take the front part of the bib and move them slowly up on your chest. That feeling of the bib rising from waist level to your chest is so wonderful. You finally begin to feel how the bib is high on your body covering your belly and chest smoothly. Finally inside the overalls

>> No.5506  

I wear Levi’s overalls with straps not tightened as that is most comfortable. I am trying to get rid of my jeans to be overalls only. I only wear jeans for work and special occasions where overalls would not be appropriate.

>> No.5507  

Cool. I bet you have your straps snug enough so that they don't fall off of your shoulders. If the overalls straps are too loose, they would constantly fall off the shoulders and part of the bib might curl or fall down.

>> No.5508  

They fit exactly right. No fall offs no nothing. The goal eventually is to never wear jeans again. Right now that cannot be done do to certain occasions like work but eventually I will move to overalls only. If anyone is interested my overalls are on sale at Macy’s for 49.99.

>> No.5509  

Is addition to my last comment I am curious is there anyone that has removed all regular jeans and only wear overalls everywhere. Eventually want to get to that point.

>> No.5511  

The "enclosing" sensation felt while wearing overalls increases when the straps are shortened and the bib sits higher on the chest. You don't really feel this sensation as much, when the straps are pulled out as long as they will go and the bib sits lower on the chest. I would like to start wearing my Dickies overalls in public, although other people might not think that I look attractive in them. I love how overalls make me feel when I am wearing them, whether I'm walking around, sitting down, moving around or laying on the sofa. I am obsessed with wearing overalls and like to look at myself in the mirror when I have them on!!

>> No.5512  
File: 1601367039774.jpg -(740837 B, 1650x1602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am actually at that point. I only own one pair of black jeans and only overalls apart from that. So I'm basically forced to wear overalls everyday. But I enjoy that alot1

>> No.5513  

Yes true, the enclosed feeling get better when the straps are short. That is why overalls should always be worn when the straps are as short as possible. I am very obsessed with overalls and i always check whether my overalls are high enough.

To be able to pull up your overalls, it is crucial that the overalls can be pulled up to a decent height. Most [almost all in fact] of the modern overalls can not be pulled up high because the crotch of the overall is very short. This prevent us from pulling them up high. Brands like Dickies, Carhartt, OshGosh, etc do have a nice long crotch thus are perfect overalls to wear decently high on the chest. I also do not understand why some guys wear their overalls very low. I mean, if you wear them low you do not feel the nice feeling of the overalls enclosing you. Your body is not deep enough inside the overalls to experience the whole joy of the bibs. The whole point of overalls is to wear them high.

I am training myself to be more often in my bib overalls. I am every day in my overalls but that needs to change to 24/7. The good thing is that i begin to feel craving to be inside overalls when I am too long wearing normal jeans.

>> No.5514  

Where do you get Oshkosh bibs? I used to wear them as a teenager.

>> No.5515  

That’s the way to go no jeans overalls only. I like it. I love my Levi’s and rvca overalls

>> No.5516  

To the person who only wears overalls aside from one Jean nice job. My goal is to get rid of all jeans and never wear one again. Get to wear overalls every day and nothing else. I’ll get there soon

>> No.5517  


>> No.5524  
File: 1601639303418.jpg -(718176 B, 2457x2235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I got them from a friend a long time ago! I still wear them quite frequently.

thank you very much, I can onlyrecommend it! Living the bib Life is awesome!

>> No.5525  

Are those light blue snowbibs that you are wearing? They look so good on you! Do you know what brand those are? I might ask my significant other to give them to me as a Christmas gift this year.

>> No.5532  


Very nice picture and amazing snowbibs.

Living a bib life must really be amazing. I need to throw away some of my terrible normal jeans. Maybe it sounds strange but I find it very exciting to destroy my normal pants. It makes me feel more of becoming a bibboy.

>> No.5533  

I love the idea of throwing away all my normal jeans, to make sure I wear Overalls all the time!
And I wish I could do that, but unfortunately I'm too shy/afraid to wear my overalls in public :(
I absolutely love the feeling of wearing them, but I don't like how I look in them. :/

>> No.5534  

It takes time but you will eventually get there. You’ll love the way they feel as well. I love the way overalls feel as well. Unless I am going someplace like a concert or a fancy restaurant I only wear overalls.

>> No.5535  


Yes you are absolutely right. It indeed takes time for you body and mind to get used to be inside overalls most of the day. We have been wearing horrible normal pants for years so it will take time for overalls to become the new normal. Some guys are afraid that wearing overalls every day would somehow decrease the joy of wearing them. This is absolutely not true. I noticed it with myself. The more often I wore my overalls, the more I enjoy them. This also help by building more confidence to wear them outside because you are totally addicted and used to wear overalls. The last thing you want is to get out of the overalls to put on some jeans because you are very used to the feeling and joy of the overalls.

>> No.5536  

>>5535 This is a very good point, I should probably just put on overalls as soon as I get home from work, and just get used to the feeling and how I look in them.
I also need to get better at not caring what other people think.

>> No.5537  

That is a a good idea. That is what I will do once returning to work from office. Right now though I can wear to work since I work at home. Over time you get used to them and will get to a point of overalls only.

>> No.5540  

Oshkosh B'Gosh stopped making adult bib overalls. According to Wikipedia: "The company was sold to Carter's, another clothing manufacturer, in 2005 for $312 million, though it still operates under the original name. Today the company sells accessories, jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, and its trademark overalls. The company produces clothing for babies, infants, toddlers, kids (4-7), and youth (5-14); however, it no longer manufactures clothing in adult sizes due to poor sales."

>> No.5542  

I'm glad I still got mine before that. Then again, it's kids size anyway I think.

>> No.5564  
File: 1603462889765.png -(161 B, 30x64) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am very afraid about wearing my overalls in public and around my friends. I always end up changing back into jeans whenever I have to leave the house. I guess the only way to overcome my fear is to confront it... I currently own two pairs of overalls: The first pair is 'Stonewashed Indigo Blue' and the other pair is 'Rigid Indigo Blue. Which color overalls do you think I should wear for the first time I attempt going out in public?

>> No.5632  

The Stonewashed Dickies overalls look awesome. I looked at several online stores, but they were all sold-out of the Stonewashed Dickies overalls. I hope the company didn't discontinue making them! 😱

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