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File: 1594243426012.jpg -(493103 B, 1280x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
493103 No.5399  

Anyone know where you can find these. Found on a random Pinterest page.

>> No.5400  

Have a look at baby-pants.com =>Products => Overalls

>> No.5401  

Although I do not care for the subject matter. Those look like good overalls to wear and I might grab a pair.

>> No.5402  

I heard about these all over. They look comfortable and good to wear out for all. The rest of the site though is for people who are into youngster stuff.

>> No.5403  

How can guys wear overalls with no fly ?
This is a absolute no go for myself. I don´t like the buttons on the legs as well.

>> No.5404  

My opinion is that they look comfortable and the buttons on the legs are different. If i did buy it would be from amazon. As I do not care for vendor directly. No slam on them.That’s just me.

>> No.5405  

The point of this kind of pair of overalls is, that you don't need a fly when wearing a diaper underneath them. The buttons on the inside of the leg are made for changing the diaper more easy.
On the other hand: If not wearing a diaper one can simply open the buttons and let it flow without problems. ;)

>> No.5406  

That being said from last person They look comfortable and good to wear out. I may not agree with the first part of statement as I do not wear that kinda thing underneath but you are right on the second part of easier flow. May be worth a try for comfort and something different.

>> No.5409  

These look like good overalls. Might have to add to my collection. Already have a pair of Levi’s ones.

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