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File: 1593106770118.jpg -(141514 B, 540x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
141514 No.5393  

Hi. I saw some red overalls, similar to these, on the Dickies website. Would these bibs look good on a guy? ("Dickies Girl Juniors' Relaxed Twill Overalls, Red") The tricky part is what size to get, as they are in women's sizes: [XS]/[S]/[M]/[L]

>> No.5395  
File: 1593149825522.jpg -(269575 B, 690x1035) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I would take this more male one.

>> No.5396  

I like the large bib that Asian guy is wearing, in the picture above... Does anyone know what Brand of overalls he is wearing - and where to buy it from? Thx.

>> No.5407  

I really like the color of those red Dickies, even though they are sized for "juniors" (women). I saw a picture of a guy wearing these on Instagram. Would a size "L" fit a slim guy with a 34" waist? It is almost impossible to find men's overalls in colors other than the standard blues, tans and hickories...

>> No.5408  

Nevermind. I found my answer. A "L" would have a waist of 30" or 31". Probably too small for me.

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