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Cool site! The 'Donate' page mentions something about "a full gallery of 45 self made HQ Pictures". (a.) What kind of pictures are you looking for? (b.) How should I wear my overalls in the pictures? (c.) What color shirt should I wear? Thank you.

>> No.5353  

I am considering taking several photos of myself in overalls, to start a gallery. What kind of poses would look good and which color of shirt should I wear? Lastly, in what ways should I wear my overalls in the pictures? (Like, should I take some of the pictures with one or both of the straps undone or bib down?)

>> No.5354  

Just make nice HQ pictures of your self in overalls and let me know. If they are great for a own gallery, you will get premium access. Do you have a IM to contact me ?

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