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10687 No.5307  

I liked the photos on this site so much that I just recently purchased a pair of overalls for myself. They are very comfortable! My parents were surprised that I bought them. They think that "nobody wears overalls anymore..." But I don't care.

Does anyone wear their overalls in public, around other people?

I'm nervous about wearing my bibs around other people. I don't care if people stare at me. However, I am worried that other people, including my friends, will make comments about my overalls.

Do I need to worry so much? Do people make comments about your overalls -- or do they not care at all?

>> No.5308  

My friend says he likes them and no one else cares.i only wear on weekends since I work weekdays. What brand did you get?

>> No.5310  

I removed the link, is someone wanna advertise here, he can book this site via anonymous ads.

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