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Anyone notice a lot of people lying in these comments about being people they're not? Like "BibSkater" pretending to be that guy in the photos he posted, coming up with a cringy story like "Sorry that I had my overalls strap unfastened. I was getting hot after all the skating I did that afternoon, so I unbuckled one of my straps. I usually have both of straps fastened while I'm skating. The undone bib flapping around on my chest would be uncomfortable while I am doing my skate tricks."

This has been a problem on this site before, and to be honest it's kinda creepy. It reflects really badly on the whole community when people are stealing other peoples photos and claiming its them.

>> No.5223  

Thank you for the Feedback, i realized that many of you guys are very shy and posting stolen pictures from some one else (Instagram, Tumblr) here. Please do your OWN pictures. That is the reason why i can give only premium access with a gallery of many pictures not availanle on instagram. That fat trans lady was stolen as well :-(

>> No.5254  

I thought the story was awesome and excitingly descriptive.

However, the issue here isn't so much about the story. The issue is about the "stealing" of content from other peoples' Instagram.

Posting your own content/photos works much better. Instagram compresses images a lot. This makes them smaller in size, but it can also ruin the image quality.

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