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67803 No.511  

Some bib overalls I found on the Japanese site RAKUTEN.

>> No.523  

Did anyone have experience ordering there from Europe ?

>> No.527  

>>523 Yes, I tried last year. I ordered some bib overalls and some denim coveralls. It went fine except that they insist on writing you in Japanese and want your approval for almost anything. But with GoogleTranslate and some patience it went fine.

>> No.528  

I guess, it's not a good idea to order stuff from Japan, because there might be a trace of nuclear contamination.
Sadly for me it isn't wise to order bibs from Japan, because i am too tall for japanese clothing markets. It's very seldom to find bibs with more than 90 cm inseam.

>> No.530  

I donĀ“t think that any radioactivity will come from japan. They check every packet and cotton is not from the sea ;-)

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