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51128 No.450  

wearing overalls on backwards

>> No.451  

hey, it's bibkid!

>> No.452  

Great videos on youtube from bibkid!! Check them all out!

>> No.453  

yes it is bibkid my youtube www.youtube.com/user/bibkid6689

>> No.454  

He should try coloured overalls and shortalls.

>> No.457  

i don't have any shortalls but would like a pair

>> No.458  

Have a look on Ebay they turn up there.

Do you have any colored overalls?

>> No.459  

no i don't have any colored overalls

>> No.465  

Why donĀ“t you provide some Pictures for a Gallery here ?

>> No.467  

i might do that

>> No.475  

Would you wear out in public?

>> No.477  

already have in front of my neighbor

>> No.478  

Which one's did you wear..?

>> No.482  

You have shortalls and you wear them out in public?

>> No.484  

i wore my south pole overalls my old navy overalls and my gap overalls
i don't own any shortalls

>> No.491  

ever wear them with staps hanging down?

>> No.496  

no i have not worn them with the straps down

>> No.497  
File: 1304823993727.jpg -(40164 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

osh kosh overalls

>> No.499  

Why dont you wear them to school?

>> No.500  

Ever get them wet? I love that myself.

>> No.5413  

Why would someone own a pair of overalls if they are not going to use the bib and the straps? (Wearing them with both straps hanging down)

That's what makes overalls so unique and different from any regular pair of pants or trousers. You got the bib to put over the chest and the straps to go over the shoulders to hold the bib up.

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