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This is the 3rd time, PayPal reversed the donation in the last months.
For that reason we will accept only Bitcoins and no longer PayPal.

>> No.2799  

Thank you for the first small bitcoin payments.

>> No.2800  

np anytime. best part about bitcoin is being able to make small micro payments, if everyone pitched in a dollar it adds up overtime :)

>> No.2801  

If you donate enough for premium access, please send me your email with your donation, i will send you the login details there.

>> No.2813  
File: 1421513200833.png -(12722 B, 256x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You need to donate 0.32 BTC to get premium access.
Please send after your donation a mail to martin_132 !a t! hotmail !d o t! com ..

I will send the login details.

Self made picture and modelling is more welcome then BitCoin. Please check the rules !

>> No.2972  

Hi, to continue here, we need YOUR DONATION (!).

If you like it, please donate or this site will go offline.


>> No.2974  

Hi, just to let you know, without a donation, we will go offline at the end of the month.

>> No.2977  
File: 1428385799621.jpg -(3706109 B, 4752x3168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am asking everyone to please donate to help keep this site online. If everyone is willing to give a little to help keep this site going I will make the highly sought after Tristan in overalls set available in the public area of the site to everyone. Thanks so much.

>> No.2978  

I don't have bitcoins...but do hope the site remains online!

>> No.2979  
File: 1428537050667.jpg -(109588 B, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Give what I can :(

>> No.3049  

Hi guys, right now i work on a great update.
Expect this Sunday a really big update ....

PS: Donations are welcome as well ...

>> No.3129  

Just for your information, no donations in the last 2 month.

>> No.3434  

Without any donations, i will take free and premium Galleries down at the End of this Month.
Last donation was 6 months ago :-(

>> No.3441  

Come on people, dont let this site go broke! I dont have bitcoins but new series are in the making as donation Martin!

>> No.3442  

I second this idea that I hope enough people can donate to help keep this site open. Martin hopefully you can find a way to keep this site operating with donations or some other form of income such as advertising. Thanks to Martin and to anyone that can help to keep this site operating.

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