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122526 No.1339  

I have made a Facebook group for people who likes to get wet in their overalls. The groups is simply called "Wet overalls".

>> No.1340  

Do you wear diapers under there ? I guess this is a very longly pleasure ;-)

>> No.1342  

I stopped wearing diapers 39 years ago!

>> No.1343  

So why you wanna get wet ?

>> No.1344  

Don't know. Is it necessary with a reason for everything?

>> No.1657  

I think Flemming means bathing/swimming in overalls not so much peeing.

>> No.1667  

If you pee in your overalls or wet them, in both cases you get wet, what is the difference ?
Did you tried it in diapers ? Maybe that is what your subconscious is trying to tell you every time you jump into water ;-)

>> No.1670  

What about Flemming ? He is shouting it out pathologically ;-)

>> No.1672  

No, I think not! Maybe you should reread Flemming's comments!

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