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76376 No.1167  

new dungarees movies blog

>> No.1334  

Just a reminder about my blog, quite a few updates in the last few months, including 15 this week.

>> No.1441  

after going the whole of October without updating I now have 28 updates to my blog this month so far. please check them out :)

>> No.1442  

Will you only list movies with bib occurence and rate them or will you also have (HD-)screenshots of scenes with bib occurence?

But at all, i like your blog.

>> No.1443  

Clicking on the photo in each post takes you to the gallery of that entry, and I have also taken captures of my BluRay's as well. E.T. was recently upgraded from DVD caps to BluRay and I have also just bought Pete's Dragon on BluRay so I hope to replace the old DVD gallery soon.

>> No.1444  

Sorry, i confound your blog with an other one that seems not to have galleries.
The other blog is: http://biboverallsfilms.wordpress.com/

>> No.1446  

Why are all the screen shot there so damm small ? Guy we have HD Video ;-)

>> No.2083  

22 new entries this month.


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