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25307 No.1119  

New item by the brand Humör - full length or short overalls for guys. Although I dislike the missing clasps for the straps, they have a very nice fit for the slim young guy. Check out the video of the shortalls by clicking "Catwalk" under the picture.



>> No.1120  

Hmm not button on the side, how to get in an out ?
It´s funny that grown up man, start wearing shortalls again.

>> No.1122  

@Martin: On the image attatched to this thread there are clearly visible buttons on the side.
In general, i'm also missing classical buttons ans clips. Let's see how Humör bib overalls develope itself in the market.

>> No.1123  

Look at the Video, at least they are missing for one side.

>> No.1124  

The Same Shop sells Dickies Overalls, and a USD Price at $87.65 this is more then 3 times the US price :-)


>> No.1127  

Hmm, you're right concerning the side buttons. As i could see in the video, these really exist only on one side.
Possible solutions: buy larger or be skinny. ;)
Last year i bought one indigo colored Dickies for 80€ at the "Nostalgie shop" in Hamburg' they also offer some from Red Kap.

>> No.1128  

I like em. I like the full length more.

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