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326482 No.1039  

Hi Supporter, i managed to add a log of very nice picture to the premium areas.
I hope i find time for the Girls next week ;-)
We need models here .. as Bonus you will get full premium access ;-)
The "non supporting" Gallery will be updated last in priority ... we need more funding to continue this service here for free ...

>> No.1042  


we do need Models in Germany. You will get full Premium access as Model, and travel expenses.
Photographer in South and North-Germany available.

>> No.1044  

Goo thing you just reminded me

>> No.1045  

is it also possible to donate with "Paysafe Card" instead of Paypal or contributing at least 45 HQ Images?

>> No.1046  

Additionally i want to add to my pevious post, that i don't want to publish images of myself here because of privacy reasons.
Is it also possible to get premium access with contribution of my HQ images that are not showing my face?

>> No.1047  

You have to show your face, we can keep it in the premium section ... this is possible.
If you have a model this is welcome to.

To accept paysafe cards, you need a tax id as well a registered corp. This is not possible with this non profit fan based website. Alternative you can pay by pre-paied credit card, this is accepted as well.

Pictures are the primary welcome form of contribution.

>> No.1048  

I'm going to contact you

>> No.1050  

Not happenz until now ;-)

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