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No.6160   [Reply]

Has anyone noticed that Dickies has changed the design of the Stonewashed bib overalls?

>> No.6161  
File: 1652810326274.jpg -(187423 B, 281x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Old Design

>> No.6162  
File: 1652810347766.jpg -(162489 B, 281x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New design

>> No.6163  

I just ordered a pair (above) and am wondering if I should return it and exchange for another pair.

>> No.6164  

I have noticed that. They have made bib pocket smaller and others folks have reported that. That being said they still look good on you and id say keep em.

>> No.6165  

The question is, does a Phone still fits into the pocket ? But it looks great on you ;-)

>> No.6166  

Could not agree more. They look good on you and i would think a phone would fit once you unbutton the bib pocket. Keep em i say.

>> No.6167  

I like the old design better.

>> No.6169  
File: 1652901954313.jpg -(534461 B, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you. I haven't tried yet to see if a phone fits in the new, smaller bib pocket. I will keep this pair for now, I guess. I am going to make another attempt to order the stonewashed Dickies overalls from another store. If I am unsuccessful, I might have to switch to buying the Indigo Dickies from now on.

>> No.6170  

Always good to have more than one pair and style and dickies is a great brand for overalls. That being said the ones you have on look great on you and great to wear out.

>> No.6171  

In addition how many pair of overalls do you have thus far? Adding additional pairs is also good as overalls are great to wear. For me I stocked up with a bunch as I only wear overalls.

File: 1652533459292.jpg -(3128708 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3128708 No.6159   [Reply]

Another view of the urban outfitters light blue overalls

File: 1651576547260.jpg -(4036988 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4036988 No.6158   [Reply]

These are the light blue urban outfitters overalls. Perfect fit i think.

File: 1649600937683.jpg -(4096303 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4096303 No.6147   [Reply]

These are urban outfitters brand. Very comfortable

>> No.6148  

Looks very good.
Do you have a mirror, that we can get a better perspective from the front?

>> No.6149  

When i wear again tomorrow or Friday i will get that for you bk. Now until then i will share where these came from. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-baggy-skate-fit-overall?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=107&searchparams=_gl%3D1%2awnftah%2a_up%2aMQ..%26q%3Dmens%2520overalls&type=REGULAR&quantity=1

>> No.6150  

I do have a mirror and will give you a bonus. I will post carhartt wip and my new ones. one tomorrow and one friday. keep your eyes open for that

>> No.6151  
File: 1649760663825.jpg -(2884933 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok BK. First one Carhartt wip

>> No.6152  

The front of the overalls looks great! One of the product reviewers writes, "i love the little button hole in the middle where you can button one of the flaps down so you can where it with only one strap". That's not what the button hole is for! 🤦‍♂️

>> No.6153  

Thank you. They are great overalls. I agree about the button i think it is just there for looks. Will have a better photo of me in them tomorrow

>> No.6154  
File: 1649845945924.jpg -(2425882 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is another photo of my new urban outfitters overalls. This should give a good view of the front

>> No.6155  

Actually, time gone by the button hole on the dungarees bib was used for the chain of a pocket watch.

>> No.6156  

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea and good to note. Although that button not used its add to the look of the overalls. These urban outfitters are amazing and glad i added to collection.

>> No.6157  

On the same link they also had a light blue which i just ordered. Those will be good. If you sign up for rewards program they will give you 10 percent off first purchase

File: 1646090929564.jpg -(185900 B, 408x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
185900 No.6088   [Reply]

Here’s my new pair of Levi's Overalls!

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.6097  

Thank you man, yeah I do have a pretty nice collection, though I definitely want more soon, lol. I’ve had different ones over the years, but of course I outgrew most of them. Anyways, we’ll that’s nice you work from home, I would definitely be wearing my overalls everyday too if I worked from home. Yeah I wear jeans and pants too, but I try to wear my overalls more often then those. Well thanks again, I’ll definitely try and get those other overalls soon. Yeah that sounds good, though I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram anymore, but I do have a Discord or my email at Overallsman86@yahoo.com

>> No.6098  

Sounds good and would love to chat with you. I used to have discord but due to two step issues it got locked and discord refused to unlock. I guess we can use email for now unless we think of another app to use. Let me know and we can set a time to chat. I hope you do end up getting those other overalls as you will look good in them

>> No.6099  

Just sent you an email.

>> No.6100  

Hey that sounds good! I’ll check your email when I get off work! :)

>> No.6101  
File: 1646537669771.jpg -(4320757 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Two more from my collection. 1 super Mario special overalls and one peviani overalls. As i have many overalls i wear a different one each day.

>> No.6103  

Photo 2

>> No.6104  

Nice man, I like your overalls! I’ve seen the Super Mario Overalls and would love to get a pair like those!

>> No.6105  

Thanks. They are good ones for sure. If you do get the only place to find is ebay as no one else carries.

>> No.6106  

Your Welcome, yeah I’ll check out eBay and see if I can find those in my size!

>> No.6144  

Had to add a new pair to replace one that is too small. Whatcha think of these https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-baggy-skate-fit-overall?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=107&searchparams=q%3Dmens%2520overalls&type=REGULAR&quantity=1

No.6142   [Reply]

I am thinking about buying the attached overalls for home wear and nite time. Looking for reviews let me know. Link# https://swoveralls.com/collections/shop-all?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhpr2-9n-9gIVhD2tBh3FEAXdEAAYASAAEgLb6fD_BwE

>> No.6143  

Good lord i posted the wrong link. It is https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-baggy-skate-fit-overall?utm_source=transact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=UO-US_order_confirmation&utm_content=product-img&utm_term=uous_ppc_orderConfirmation&utm_id=17247&sfmc_id=86328219&s2=10e313a5268b2be728e632abc66c9d1270994972e938b08a6479afd6dd164006&utm_kxconfid=vxjpsnpu5&utm_kxcampaignid=uous_ppc_orderConfirmation&dtm_em=10e313a5268b2be728e632abc66c9d1270994972e938b08a6479afd6dd164006

File: 1648916303123.jpg -(3325437 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3325437 No.6141   [Reply]

As i may have mentioned i only wear overalls even when working from home. That said i thought I’d share another pic of me in carharrt wip on a work break

File: 1648600016763.jpg -(64709 B, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
64709 No.6137   [Reply]

One problem that I have with overalls (such as Dickies) are that the leg openings at the bottom are exceptionally wide. I always wear tennis shoes with my overalls and I don't own any boots. Does anyone have any tips on how to make the overalls not look so much like "clown pants"? Do you fold the legs up or use pins? Thanks.

>> No.6138  

I usually fold or tuck underneath and that always helps. I only wear overalls and do that as needed. those look good on you btw.

>> No.6139  

also with mine i just use regular tennis shoes like you do and i think that is the best way. I hope that helps

>> No.6140  
File: 1648605788302.jpg -(4713682 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

When i say tuck underneath this is what i am referring to. See this sample. Like i say earlier those dickies look great on you and dickies is a great brand.

File: 1647516334655.jpg -(82678 B, 850x1219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
82678 No.6118   [Reply]

let's also collect games and movies where gus in overalls can be found.

like the new pokemon games, harvest moon or stardew valley

File: 1647515801053.jpg -(359956 B, 855x1140) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
359956 No.6116   [Reply]

Should we collect here youtube videos where cute guys in overalls can be found?

>> No.6117  
File: 1647516246793.jpg -(105729 B, 750x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

styling guides



Overalls wedgies:

future bibboy

girls on overalls

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