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File: 1655814187752.jpg -(2392803 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2392803 No.6207   [Reply]

My new dickies overalls.

>> No.6214  

You look great in your Dickies overalls! I also have a pair of those Dickies overalls. I prefer to have the bib sit much higher on my chest. However, as long as you always wear them with both straps fastened and all of the side buttons closed, there is no right or wrong way to adjust the straps.

>> No.6215  

Thanks for the compliment. I love these for sure and have the straps as high as possible(with both straps up and all buttons closed).After that photo was taken i took them in for tailoring as 36 is right waist but 30 length is too long. I have 11 pairs and a handful are getting tailored. Once that process is complete it will help me in only wearing overalls.

>> No.6236  

I'm the same as you. I also wear Dickies overalls in 30 length size and they are too long. The size measurements aren't accurate, because a 30 length is actually more like a 31 length. It would be nice if there was a 28 or 29 length available in men's sizes to compensate for this reason.

>> No.6237  

Agreed there needs to be a shorter length. To solve i tailored for 20 dollars which fixed the problem. Now i have no issues.

>> No.6268  
File: 1658961842781.jpg -(3618493 B, 2230x1486) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm pretty confident about the way I look in overalls. When it comes to wanting to wear them around my friends, I feel very self conscious about it. I change my mind at the last minute and decide not to wear them.

Several weeks ago, I decided to wear my Dickies overalls over to my girlfriend's flat to hang out with her. The evening went well. She complimented me and told me that I "looked like a hunk" in overalls.

She asked me where I bought my overalls. Then told me that she wore bib overalls as a teenager and that she would really like to have a pair, as an adult.

I went online and showed her a picture of the Dickies Womens overalls, but she didn't like how the bib pocket looked. So, I ordered a few sizes of Mens Dickies overalls for her to try on. She kept the size that fit and thanked me for buying them for her.

My girlfriend frequently wears the overalls in public when we go out on dates. Yesterday, she asked me why I only wear overalls when I'm at her place and not when the two of us are in public. I told her that I was shy. She laughed and said, while patting me on the bib with her hand, "It's okay; they're just pants!"

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>> No.6269  

Glad you are wearing more and getting comfortable with them also good to see your girlfriend wearing as well. Dickies look amazing on you both for sure. As for me I wear everyday with different brands and prefer it that way. Soon i will add osh kosh to the collection as well

>> No.6270  

Thank you. Would it look strange (and attract too much attention) if my girlfriend and I go out together, both wearing overalls? Or might it work better for us to take turns wearing them out?

>> No.6271  

I would say wearing at the same time is fine. You both look good in them and if any attention is given it will be complements. Whenever i wear overalls i get nothing but compliments which is a good thing. If i had a girlfriend i would have us both wear at same time. That is just my opinion.

>> No.6273  
File: 1659230945143.jpg -(130435 B, 761x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just added osh kosh to my collection. Now can continue with overalls only.

File: 1658412334844.png -(1501745 B, 799x793) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1501745 No.6264   [Reply]
>> No.6267  

I prefer the John Baner boys bib overalls, this Bavarian leather overalls are not my fave.

Had this John Baner as boys as well ;-)

File: 1657680508534.jpg -(2546954 B, 2515x4032) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2546954 No.6241   [Reply]

I was in middle school at the time at beginning of teen years. I wore Arizona brand and old navy brand. In high school i moved to dickies. Flash forward to now i do dickies, Levi’s, urban outfitters and Carhartt wip. With that said i have gone to overalls only so I wear everyday for every situation.

>> No.6243  

It was quite similar for me. I remember wearing them in elementary school and middle school as well. There was a gap from my later teen years until my twenties.
I can't wear them every day since I have an office job. But I still like to wear them at home or even in town sometimes.
Fun fact: One of my Arizona pairs from teen years still fit me. It's a snug fit but it works.

>> No.6244  

I am same way. Small break after high school and then back to wearing. At first it was weekends only and then when i was sent to work from home permanently it went to everyday. Now unless A special instance comes up( very rare) i am allowed to wear everyday. Glad you’re Arizona form back in the day still fits. I Loved that brand and shame i outgrew

>> No.6245  
File: 1657719639421.jpg -(4536376 B, 3680x6560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes. I still love that brand. Here is a picture of me wearing them while on a hike.

>> No.6247  

Me as well. Those look amazing on you. Hiking is a great time to wear If mine from back in the day still fit id still be wearing. Thats ok though as my current brands make up for that Are you on things such as instagram, Facebook,snapchat, telegram? Would love to chat more with you.

File: 1657175691019.jpg -(31680 B, 193x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
31680 No.6218   [Reply]

Is it a tv show? Really want to find out, the picture is not original and cropped, looks like a tv show promo, any info please, thanks bib boys

>> No.6219  


>> No.6221  

I should have remembered that although i do not know overalls brand. Used to watch that show when i was younger. They rebooted that along with legends of hidden temple and double dare. Shame they all failed( cw said legends was the worst rated show and could not wait to camcel.

>> No.6222  

You don´t know the parachute pants ?

Nylon Bib Overalls, i got mine as well.



>> No.6232  

Thanks for posting and now i know. If i ever need another pair I’ll consider these.

File: 1657362480918.jpg -(2570863 B, 1056x2549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2570863 No.6226   [Reply]
>> No.6227  
File: 1657362512321.jpg -(620689 B, 1160x2773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6228  

Those look good on you and a great combination.
Yellow with is amazing as i do the same sometimes.

>> No.6229  

Where do you got them, the biggest size i ever say way Teen Boy 164.

>> No.6230  
File: 1657367521413.jpg -(5433145 B, 4000x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I bought the dungarees on ebay kleinanzeigen. Even I wondered and thought it was a scam. The seller of ebay has not written to me where he got it.In the Tigerentenclub episode 457 there should be Dirk Nowitzki in such dungarees.

>> No.6231  

Great buy, but without a fly i would not wear it...

File: 1635644383019.jpg -(2904488 B, 2448x4608) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2904488 No.5973   [Reply]

Have a look at my rubber overalls! I have let them made for me out of rubber aprons that are normally used by butchers or vets. They are really heavy due to the stiff fabric, but it feels good when wearing them. You won't get those in an ordinary store.

>> No.5974  
File: 1635644459986.jpg -(2315136 B, 3220x2592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Closer look at the bib

>> No.5975  

It that your costume for tonight butchering little kids ?

>> No.5976  
File: 1635749736910.jpg -(58318 B, 864x1341) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You can get some made from heavy hospital incontinence material on ebay. That is real rubber with a delicate smell.

>> No.6216  

Where did you got them ?

>> No.6217  

@Anonymus: Who did you mean? If you meant me I can tell you where I have those heavy white rubber overalls from.

File: 1656185526474.jpg -(109968 B, 1080x810) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
109968 No.6208   [Reply]

bracie, tęsknię za tobą q-q

your bro misses you~

>> No.6209  

Nice overalls they look great with the jumpsuit tucked in

No.6199   [Reply]

I have a few pairs of overalls and only wear them around the house. I don't have the confidence to wear them out at all in case I'm judged or laughed at either by my friends or people I don't know.

>> No.6200  

I get it. I was initially that way as well to start. I overcame it by wearing in public and got nothing but compliments(no laughter and negative comments should be ignored ). I get stopped for someone to say i like em. I am no longer scared and making a switch to overalls only. I hope that helps.

>> No.6201  

The same thing happens to me. I only wear them in public covered with a jacket or sweatshirt. How old are you? where are you from?

No.6181   [Reply]

I have several brands. Levis, charhartt wip, Lee, Tommy, Gap.

No.6172   [Reply]

What amount do I have to enter if I want to donate via Monero?

>> No.6175  

Any amount over USD 150 will give you premium access.

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