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File: 1670158617962.jpg -(1898600 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1898600 No.6392   [Reply]

I wear Carhartt wip as one of my brands and was wearing straps loose until today when I adjusted. Which do you like better.

>> No.6398  

I think your look in >>6393 looks the best and is perfectly adjusted. The bib is nice and high on the chest and the strap adjusters sit on top of your shoudlers. The overalls look too loose when the strap adjuster is all the way forward near the end of the strap. That is my opinion. Hope this helps...

>> No.6399  

That is what i was thinking and made adjustments to all my overalls except osh kosh to reflect your comment. Osh kosh has to be loose to fit the best.

File: 1666544964390.jpg -(228454 B, 1029x1446) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
228454 No.6361   [Reply]

In my Overalls by LEE

>> No.6362  

Those look amazing. The back looks almost like Carhartt wip. From all the pics you have posted you look great in overalls. Do you wear everyday like me or just sometimes?

>> No.6363  
File: 1666647628624.jpg -(1411542 B, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those overalls must be vintage... they look nice! Lee manufactured overalls in the late 1990s. A guy and several girls who went to my school wore them quite frequently.

>> No.6373  

I remember lee overalls. They had a nice big front pocket that held lots of stuff. And they fit as comfortable as OshKosh, and were available in teen sizes

File: 1659267605049.jpg -(2931091 B, 1780x3030) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2931091 No.6274   [Reply]

Osh kosh overalls i now own. Glad I found these

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>> No.6359  

Well said. Couldn’t agree more although ill take it a step further and say overalls 24/7 once i get a separate pair for sleeping. I should be wearing overalls and nothing else.

>> No.6366  
File: 1667934750323.jpg -(134041 B, 656x1166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's good to know. So, if you are looking for a good pair of overalls, you should look for a pair where the size of the bib and the crotch are almost the same. I've been looking to buy some fashion overalls. However, the product pictures on the store sites look different than standard overalls do. The crotch sections on them look short and the bib sizes seem to be quite small. If I were to pull the overalls as high as I wanted them, they would probably give me an uncomfortable wedgie feeling.

>> No.6367  

Could not agree more. I always buy a mixture of both and have many brands. I wear overalls in all situations and plan to make it overalls only. Then means ii will wear to bed and each day and only change from one overalls to the next.

>> No.6368  
File: 1668012073583.jpg -(105175 B, 966x1288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are absolutely right. The length of the crotch must be at least the same as the length of the bib. Actually the crotch should be much longer than the bib. If the length of the crotch is shorter than the bib (as is the case with most fashionable overalls), the overalls won't be comfortable to wear.

The Osh Kosh overalls on the picture are a great example of overalls with a long crotch. When the crotch is nice long you can pull the overalls up very high to the point that the bib touches your throat. This is the best and most comfortable way to wear overalls because you feel your entire body being covered by the overalls.

Some of the overalls made by Osh Kosh, Dickies, Levis, etc have a long crotch. Another options is to buy overalls with a long inseam. Longer inseam means longer crotch (usually).

I have attached a picture of me in my Dickies Indigo Rigid W40 x 36" overalls.They are my favorite overalls and I enjoy wearing them every day. The crotch is super long and the bib touches very lightly my throat. Thus, come on guys and pull those overalls up high.

>> No.6369  

I also love to wear overalls and I wear them almost every day. I'm not quite to the point where I feel comfortable wearing them openly in public. I wear overalls in public, but I put a hoodie or pull-over over the bibs so that no one can tell that I am wearing overalls. I have an obsession for the feeling of being enclosed in denim.

>> No.6370  

You’ll get there soon . At first i was the same way. I only wore on weekends with them mostly covered up. When I began working from home i said no more and began wearing openly everyday. If its cold outside i tuck the pullover inside the overalls so the bib shows at all times and avoid jackets whenever possible. I love to wear overalls and have begun to dislike jeans and will eventually get rid of em. Overalls are the best way to go and should be worn openly. Just go for it and you’ll be fine and you’ll probably get compliments along the way like i did.

>> No.6371  

Wlo75 has given good advice how to start wearing overalls in public. I would add my recommendations which I gained from wearing my overalls in public. The first and most important step is to wear overalls every single day all the time. This is crucial because it will get you used to the feeling of wearing overalls. This way you become addicted to the feeling of the overalls and will start to love your overalls more and more. Eventually the love for overalls will overrule the fear of wearing overalls in public. Cover your overalls with a zip-hoodie. Make sure that people can see just a few centimeters of the top of the bib by lowering the zipper of the hoodie. Lower the zipper even more and more such that more of the beautiful front of the overalls get visible. The next step is to fully open up hoodie such that the overalls are completely visible. Everyone can now clearly see that you are not Joe Average wearing normal boring average pants. No, you are a overalls wearer who loves his overalls. If people can see the entire front part of the bibs, why not put off that hoodie so the entire bibs are visible. If people see the front of the bibs, they already know you are hiding overalls. There is no point in hiding it with a hoodie. You can just as well take off the hoodie en show your overalls proudly to everyone in public.

Wearing overalls in public is very intense but very enjoyable. If you reach the point where you wear overalls in public, you will want to do it again.

>> No.6372  

He is right on that. If you add what he mentioned to what I mentioned you will be golden and wear overalls everyday openly. Be proud to wear overalls and you will probably get compliments as well. For me i take it a step further and sleep in Them as well as my goal is overalls only and only change from one overalls to the next pair. I

>> No.6374  

I appreciate DutchBibBoy's advice for becoming more comfortable about wearing overalls in public. I love wearing my Dickies and I wouldn't want everybody to think that I am trying to hide them. However, when it comes to wearing overalls, my preferences are slightly different. I prefer wearing the shortest available inseam, which is "30". I have my straps adjusted so that the bottom of the bib and top of the crotch line up with my navel. When I sit down the top of the bib almost reaches my throat, but doesn't touch it. I like the cool jingle/jangle sound the buckles make when I move my shoulders. I always have the bib high on my chest. I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.6375  

Dutchbibboy is right and well done on your end. I do the same by wearing the same way. I also wear a different pair everyday like he does as well and proudly show and say i wear overalls and proud of it. I get many compliments and folks stop and ask me where to buy as they need to wear. i am fully overalls only and tend to sleep in them as well so that i sleep and wear the next day changing into another overalls the next night. I do not wear jeans anymore and my philosophy is unless absolutely necessary if its not overalls i do not touch or wear. Also thank you to dutchbibboy for his advice as he has helped me as well.

File: 1666543701459.jpg -(1448415 B, 3320x3840) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1448415 No.6360   [Reply]
>> No.6365  

Looks amazing. Can you tell me the exact model?`
and where to get it


File: 1667500582429.png -(292951 B, 467x598) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
292951 No.6364   [Reply]

R.I.P. Aaron Carter
7.12.1987 - 5.11.2022

No.6335   [Reply]

I don’t make bold fashion choices. I like what I like, and I stick to it. Or at least I did — until I impulsively bought a pair of overalls a few years ago.
"I could be an overalls person." I told myself as I stared at the website which sold Dickies overalls and other workwear accessories. "And if I can’t pull them off, I’ll just return them!"
I took a deep breath, hit 'add to cart', and rushed through the checkout process until the deed was done. Phew! Now I just had to wait in agony until they arrived and I could check 'try overalls' off of my mental bucket list before immediately shipping them back to the seller.
When the package arrived, I dashed upstairs and shut the bedroom door. I needed to be alone with the overalls.
I carefully tore open the package and removed the overalls from the transparent plastic bag that they were enclosed in. I unfolded the new pair of bibs and put them on. While looking at myself in the mirror, I laughed at how silly the overalls made me look.
The straps had come adjusted as long as they could go and kept falling off of my shoulders. I held onto the left strap with one hand and used the opposite hand to move the adjustable slider at the end of the strap towards my body. The length of the strap started to get shorter and shorter, while the top of the bib rose higher and higher on my chest. I did the same with the right strap, so that both straps were now at the same length, and stayed put on top of my shoulders.
I looked at myself in the mirror again. "Wow!" I said to myself. I couldn’t believe how perfectly they fit. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I couldn’t believe how instantly cool I felt. I had made the bold choice to buy the overalls. Now I had to make the bold choice to actually wear them.

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>> No.6336  

It is very fun to wear overalls indeed i went through same process by starting with levis brand. I got many compliments and became very confident. Next work sent us to work from and started stocking up by replacing all worn out jeans to overalls. I keep one jeans for when absolutely necessary but wear a different brand of overalls each day. I look better in overalls and its more comfortable. My collection does include a blue dickies as well. Great story and well done.

File: 1605213863974.jpg -(762961 B, 1440x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
762961 No.5577   [Reply]

Share a picture wearing them

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>> No.5584  

Are the shoulder straps adjustable? Does that size compare with your other overalls

>> No.5585  

As one can see in the first picture from the front, the adjustment range is already at limit. The sliders sit on the buckles.

>> No.5586  

I have a liberty bibs that is youth 16, and the straps are too short on them too. If you get small men's they have longer straps

>> No.5588  

those look really good!

>> No.5625  

Is that bib pocket big enough for a phone to stay? Or does it have pockets on the side of the leg that you can slide a phone in.

>> No.5627  
File: 1607125416483.jpg -(554017 B, 1282x965) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cannot enter the phone in full

>> No.5637  

LOL, buy an adult size, then your phone'll fit in the bib pocket! 30x30 is the smallest mens' size.

>> No.6067  
File: 1645053388073.jpg -(174331 B, 345x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think they’re supercool and made in the US, also

>> No.6331  

As much as I love overalls, I don't think a hickory stripe pair would look good on me. People might think I'm a train conductor. No offense intended to those that do like to wear this color.

>> No.6332  

I cannot get the courage to wear hickory stripe either. Denim is for me and will wear overalls everyday as i look better in overalls and more comfortable as well.

File: 1664095376301.jpg -(2892168 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2892168 No.6307   [Reply]

And where can I get them, I can’t make out what is on the green badge

>> No.6326  
File: 1664375615827.jpg -(288164 B, 1080x1329) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I’m looking to buy this brand of overalls, any help greatly appreciated. I will upload hd photos of me in them if I get them.

No.6305   [Reply]

After seeing several friends of mine (other guys) wearing denim overalls at school back in the 90s, I talked my mother into buying some for me.

I felt very nervous, because I didn't know what to expect. It was my first time ever wearing this very different and unique type of clothing.

I put on a tee-shirt and took the new overalls out of my closet, pulling them on, one leg at a time. It felt like I was wearing regular jeans.

I sat down on the edge of my bed. The bib of the overalls laid flat on top of my lap. The back part of the overalls and both of the unfastened straps, laid directly behind me on the bed.

I carefully buttoned both of the side buttons on my left side and then buttoned both of the side buttons on my right side. The sides of the overalls sandwiched my waist like two pieces of bread.

I picked up the bib with my right hand and proudly held it up against my chest.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6306  

Good first time of wearing. I bet as time went on you got used to em and wore em more. My first time was in middle and high school. I took some time off in college but once i got a job working from home i could not wait to wear again. At that point i decided to only wear overalls and love it. Best way for me to go.

File: 1656493982220.jpg -(676661 B, 1538x2050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
676661 No.6210   [Reply]
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>> No.6294  

My last comment was for post 6292

>> No.6295  

Did your friends say that they liked your overalls when they saw you wearing them? Or did they not say anything about them at all?

>> No.6296  

Every time i wear my overalls(which is almost every day) my friends and others compliment me. Every where i go i get compliments and love it. Like i say earlier i have many brands that get complimented. I am happy I went overalls only. More comfortable and the compliments.

>> No.6297  

My friend was like since when do you wear bibs? And asked how they wear and if they are comfortable. A few days later i went to his house and wore bibs again since he knew i had some. He came out wearing some Arizona bibs he just got. From then on i wasnt as bashful wearing them in public because we both wore our bibs together alot.

>> No.6298  

It's cool that your friend was willing to step outside his 'comfort zone' by purchasing overalls for himself and wearing them with you. He must have been a great friend!

>> No.6299  

That is good he wears as well with you. Helps the comfort level wearing them out. In 7th grade i got a class mate to get although he wore straps down most of the time. Overalls are great to wear and very comfortable. I now only wear overalls each day and have the support from family and friends in doing so and will never wear a jean again.

>> No.6301  

I was in Elementary School in the 1990's when overalls were very popular and were worn by both boys and girls. A few guys in my classes wore overalls, but would leave one strap unfastened and have it dangle/hang behind their back. Half of the bib would be folded over and hanging down. I never really understood why people did that. When overalls are not worn properly, it is impossible to determine which brand the person is wearing.) [][] I asked my parents if they would buy me some overalls, but they refused. My father told me, "Overalls are not for fashion. They're for working and getting dirty chores done." [][] I didn't get to discover the comfort of overalls until I was an adult and moved out of my parents' house. [][] I would like to start wearing my overalls around my friends. I sometimes wear them in public, but I feel a big rush and embarrassing-like feeling when I wear them out.

>> No.6302  

I never understood the reasoning behind 1 strap as well. My thoughts are to wear up fully. Although you did not experience then you got to experience now. Over time as you wear out and around friends you will be more comfortable and no need to be embarrassed at all. You will get many compliments as well. If you’d like to chat further i am on things such as telegram, instagram etc just let me know and good to talk with you

>> No.6303  
File: 1663967064266.jpg -(1045567 B, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you for the advice. The two guys in my classes that wore overalls with one strap undone both wore Old Navy overalls. They used to make them for boys in the late 1990's. The bib looked similar to this...

>> No.6304  

You’re welcome for the advice and always glad to help. Back in the day i had those old navy overalls but always wore both straps and loved em. Now i wear brands such as carhartt wip and osh kosh which are amazing. I Am always on my phone so feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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