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No.6077   [Reply]

Does anybody wear the new Liberty flex denim bib overalls? Do they flex as good as Carhartt denim rugged flex?

>> No.6078  

Those look like they flex real well. Although i have not worn the new type of these i can tell you to watch out for the liberty denim rigid as i attempted those and after wash they shrunk and got white spots all over and had to complain to kohls for a refund. I now wear carharrt wip, Levi’s or peviani overalls.That said you should be fine with these.

>> No.6079  

These meaning the liberty flex as they are not denim rigid.

>> No.6080  

The carhartt buckles are so hard to twist and hook. It looks like the liberty has a buckle like my oshkosh bibs have. I wish oshkosh would make adult bibs again.

>> No.6081  

Liberty has buckles like osh kosh and wish osh kosh made overalls again as id totally wear. Now with respect to carharrt wip they also have buckles like osh kosh and bought two pairs. The regular carharrts are the ones that hard to twist. This is what carharrt wips look like and note i either wear these or levis and generally only wear overalls. https://us.carhartt-wip.com/products/bib-overall-denim-blue-stone-washed

>> No.6083  

I also liked osh kosh. They were my first pair of bibs i had as a young teenager. Wore the all summer on the farm.

>> No.6084  

My first pair was old navy and then dickies in my teen years. Now i wear levis, carharrt wip and peviani. I stocked up so i only wear overalls and nothing else.

>> No.6085  

That said I wished i tried osh kosh though. Shame it no longer exists for men.

No.6046   [Reply]

My goal is to wear overalls only (always be strapped up)year around and nothing else. In order to do that i would either have to buy short overalls or have one jean and attach suspenders as substitute during summer. Looking for suggestions. If you say the answer is short overalls where is the best place to buy? I know they are hard to find.

>> No.6047  

Nice. Also during work? I can imagine the comments which i would receive when i would wear overalls all the time!

>> No.6048  

Due to covid i work from home which allows me to wear overalls(that could change if I return to office in a different department). You are right,Whenever i wear overalls folks stop me to compliment. I made the switch last year and love it. That said i need to get a substitute for our hot summers whether it is short overalls, suspenders etc. For me I prefer to be strapped up full time.

>> No.6049  
File: 1644540885130.jpg -(12418 B, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is a sample to go with answer. One way i dress when working(for as along as i am at home) carharrt wip is the brand

>> No.6050  
File: 1644541001614.jpg -(11466 B, 150x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lets try that again

>> No.6053  

My collection of overalls include light blue Levi’s. Dark blue Levi’s, camo Levi’s, black levis, brown Levi’s, carharrt wip blue and peviani blue. I stocked up so i could switch and wear overalls everyday. Being in overalls strapped up everyday is much more comfortable and unless absolutely necessary do not wear anything else.

>> No.6054  

Also super Mario levis

>> No.6069  

Had to replace a pair and ended up buying another carharrt wip stonewash blue. These are good ones along with my others

File: 1605213863974.jpg -(762961 B, 1440x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
762961 No.5577   [Reply]

Share a picture wearing them

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>> No.5582  

Yes indeed. They go up to size 18, whatever that means in inches for waist and inseam.

>> No.5583  
File: 1605286079233.jpg -(515672 B, 856x1283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Waist x inseam are around 29" x 29"
Maximum height 66-67" otherwise the straps will be too shorts
I found that the back pockets are a little bit too high

>> No.5584  

Are the shoulder straps adjustable? Does that size compare with your other overalls

>> No.5585  

As one can see in the first picture from the front, the adjustment range is already at limit. The sliders sit on the buckles.

>> No.5586  

I have a liberty bibs that is youth 16, and the straps are too short on them too. If you get small men's they have longer straps

>> No.5588  

those look really good!

>> No.5625  

Is that bib pocket big enough for a phone to stay? Or does it have pockets on the side of the leg that you can slide a phone in.

>> No.5627  
File: 1607125416483.jpg -(554017 B, 1282x965) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cannot enter the phone in full

>> No.5637  

LOL, buy an adult size, then your phone'll fit in the bib pocket! 30x30 is the smallest mens' size.

>> No.6067  
File: 1645053388073.jpg -(174331 B, 345x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think they’re supercool and made in the US, also

File: 1586023293055.jpg -(744785 B, 1820x1820) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
744785 No.5330   [Reply]

Another thing I love to wear besides bib overalls, is coveralls.

>> No.6064  

I also have a pair of Levi’s coveralls as well in put that in rotation. Unless needed that is all I wear l. Now for summer i may substitute and use suspenders but we shall see.

File: 1599566642090.jpg -(131242 B, 1080x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
131242 No.5480   [Reply]
>> No.6060  

How did you explain to your parents about getting overalls for the first time? I want to but I don’t know if my parents will understand lol

>> No.6061  

I live with family and one day i said I wanted to go back to wearing overalls. My family took a look at a photo of what i wanted and initially said no but with persistence they eventually said that will look good on you go ahead and give a try. They were rvca’s and they were great. Eventually i lost weight and they became too big. That said i began stocking up as I knew i only wanted to wear overalls and nothing else. Family was good with it and I bought a bunch of em which include,levis, carharrt wip and peviani and overalls is the only thing i wear. All you have to do is tell em you want em with persistence like i did and now thats all i wear

>> No.6062  

Hope that helps. Your family should understand so you can be in overalls.

No.5964   [Reply]

Link for discord has expired

>> No.5965  
File: 1634750223483.jpg -(72142 B, 424x901) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

here you go

>> No.5971  

Thank you, but that's not my cup of tea.

>> No.5978  

What´s wrong with you guys ? All rubber boys :-(

>> No.6042  

Can you send the Discord again? The invitation doesn't work.

>> No.6045  

The link never works

>> No.6059  

Can it be that the invitation link only work for one person and then expires? Can you look if there is a way to create a Link that anyone can join?

No.6056   [Reply]

Just curious as question if anyone has gotten to the point of only wearing overalls?

File: 1644590045591.jpg -(134468 B, 912x912) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
134468 No.6051   [Reply]

Hi Fans,
Not you can do your donation in Bitcoin and Monero to get premium access or simply support that site.

Thank you in Advance, Martin

>> No.6052  

Here the link ..


No.6043   [Reply]

Can you guys send me some invites for overalls Discords? I like to join some communities :).

>> No.6044  


No.6041   [Reply]

Also note overalls is all i wear. Now i just have to find short overalls for our hot summers(any suggestions?) and then i will be at a point of overalls only year around and never wear anything else.

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