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>> No.5156  

He's so cute and adorable in his overalls.

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File: 1567561118004.jpg -(128531 B, 1080x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1567561146236.jpg -(90583 B, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1567561164199.jpg -(110934 B, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1584987370438.jpg -(107134 B, 660x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.5366  

I once wore my overalls without a shirt. But the material that the buckles were made of left a nasty looking rash on my chest. So now I always wear a shirt underneath my overalls.

>> No.5381  

I love wearing overalls without a shirt - especially when the buckles rub against my nipples on a hot day.

>> No.6506  
File: 1677638986256.jpg -(1271234 B, 2592x1458) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I cut my by bibs to make shorts. AND I go commando while wearing them!!

ANd I wear NO shirt as well!!

File: 1677616856399.jpg -(108476 B, 850x1202) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
108476 No.6504   [Reply]

File: 1677158636399.jpg -(2094472 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2094472 No.6491   [Reply]

I was fixing to be hanging around all day for safety training at work so I decided to wear something comfortable to make the harness more bearable for the day. It helped a little bit

>> No.6492  
File: 1677158760398.jpg -(1964821 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: 1677006477905.jpg -(1737565 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1737565 No.6484   [Reply]

Possibly have become my favorite overalls in my collection, hopefully I can get the indigo variation as well as other versions of their overalls. Something about vintage clothing in general feels better, unsure if that’s true or if that’s just me.

>> No.6485  
File: 1677006526056.jpg -(1718374 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6487  

Congrats to you. They fit you very well and you look amazing in them.
For me (6'2", 1.87m) I barely find vintage Tommys that fit me. Most of them run too short for me. Even in XL many only have 30 or 32" inseam. Even new models (which are very seldom) are too short for me.

>> No.6488  

I got them on eBay for a cheap price, I hope you two are able to find some for yourself in a good size. This server looks interesting, I’ll join once I get home.
Mine doesn’t have a fly even though the seller marked them for men, so either the seller mistook the women’s ones for men or the VTG men’s overalls never had flies.

>> No.6489  

Looking great, i love your hairstyle ? Can you show us more ?

>> No.6490  

Yes, I’ll show more in the server once I get home.

File: 1675434868361.jpg -(4514637 B, 2293x3057) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4514637 No.6479   [Reply]

I like my overol straps to be tightened and wear them with hoodys. Hi bib is the best way to wear. Very cozy!

>> No.6480  

Very nice, please post more, may we see your back as well ?

File: 1673782021036.jpg -(2249526 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2249526 No.6459   [Reply]

I love wearing Red Kap, though my fit is a bit loose I can fix that with putting a sweatshirt under it, I am thinking of getting a downsized one though. I love the flap closure of the bib pocket, I love the button fly and kind of prefer it to zipper fly, and I wear them out the most.

>> No.6460  
File: 1673782237752.jpg -(2576114 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I usually use the bib pocket to store my sketching stuff, though if I wanted to bring my sketchbook then I’d have to use a bag. For small items though it eliminates the need of a bag and I regularly use it when on bike rides.

I’m comfortable wearing my overalls around the neighborhood and on bike rides but still warming up to school.

File: 1673570075503.jpg -(89273 B, 510x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
89273 No.6458   [Reply]

Anyone know what brand these are.

File: 1599566642090.jpg -(131242 B, 1080x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
131242 No.5480   [Reply]
>> No.6060  

How did you explain to your parents about getting overalls for the first time? I want to but I don’t know if my parents will understand lol

>> No.6061  

I live with family and one day i said I wanted to go back to wearing overalls. My family took a look at a photo of what i wanted and initially said no but with persistence they eventually said that will look good on you go ahead and give a try. They were rvca’s and they were great. Eventually i lost weight and they became too big. That said i began stocking up as I knew i only wanted to wear overalls and nothing else. Family was good with it and I bought a bunch of em which include,levis, carharrt wip and peviani and overalls is the only thing i wear. All you have to do is tell em you want em with persistence like i did and now thats all i wear

>> No.6062  

Hope that helps. Your family should understand so you can be in overalls.

>> No.6453  

I begged for a pair when i was 13, but mom thought i would be too bashful to wear them. Around 14, my grandma unexpectedly gave my 2 pairs that fit real well. I was bashful to wear them at first as it was summer. But the more i wore them, the more i liked them. Once i was brave enough i wore them to a friends house, then it was a lot easier to wear bib in public.

>> No.6455  

Declan McKenna must be a bibboy himself. I wonder how many pairs of overalls he owns? I've seen pictures of him in Dickies, Key and Carhartt overalls.

>> No.6456  

Great job. Once you get used to overalls the easier it is to wear out. It took me about a year to adjust to that and after wearing to my friends house i made the switch to overalls only. It’s perfect now and very easy

>> No.6457  

I am super curios about that, too

File: 1670267150547.jpg -(2256254 B, 3088x2316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2256254 No.6400   [Reply]

Best time of year when it starts getting cold wearing long socks and long sleeves or sweatshirts under your overalls. Super comfortable!

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>> No.6435  

Thank you for the compliment. They are very close to yours and will be perfect for sure. It may be one version earlier but the fit should be close to the same and look the same. It was hard finding 36x30 but finally got it. The bernies look amazing and i think will be perfect for you.

>> No.6436  

Looking for photos when they come and when mine come in I’ll post as well.

>> No.6437  
File: 1672580355974.jpg -(2790171 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I’ll make sure to post the images once they arrive, I went on a bike ride today and took some pictures of me wearing overalls. I mostly wore a sweater over them but I did ride around some people without it, it’s more so people from school seeing me I’m worried about.
About the chatting apps though, where can I find you since I think we can talk about overalls as well as other topics.

>> No.6438  
File: 1672580422260.jpg -(2809969 B, 3088x2320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Without the sweater around my waist.

>> No.6439  

Overalls look amazing. I can be found on apps such as instagram, skype, snapchat and even phone texting. Let me know what works and we’ll connect. I look forward to a full chat with you. Once i know app you want to use I’ll provide username.

>> No.6440  

Instagram is perfect, so you can give me the account for that. If you want though I’ll give you my account.

>> No.6441  

Use owenswilliam30

>> No.6442  

If you cannot find let me know and well go through yours

>> No.6443  

I’ve found you and can see you do like overalls. I’ll most likely talk later though and in places I do have time but thanks.

>> No.6444  

Could someone delete post>>6441. Thanks as no password to delete

File: 1670167428067.jpg -(71827 B, 640x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
71827 No.6394   [Reply]

I started wearing overalls in my teenage years. They made me feel excited, but also super embarassed at the same time. The cool kids in school didn't wear overalls, so I always felt like standing out while wearing them. Especially as I dared myself to wear them openly without anything to cover them.

But I kept wearing them, even though I got bullied for it quite a lot. But I wanted to become a proper bibboy, so I kept with it. This site here helped me alot in doing so.

Also I found many overalls friends that way. Many of you seem a bit on the kinky side, but that's okay! I don't mind being lewded while wearing overalls. For me it has become part of being a proper bibboy! I hope to make many more friends in the future who feel the same way!

>> No.6395  

Your story is the same as me. I wore in my teen years and got bullied a bit but stuck with it until college where i was forced to take a break due to dress codes on group projects. Flash to now i work from home and realized how much better overalls are and switched to overalls only. I am much better off and this site helped me get there. I am just a person who prefers overalls and loves to chat.

>> No.6406  
File: 1670362487874.jpg -(128519 B, 292x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's exciting and thrilling to wear overalls around other people, even though you may never see another person wearing them. There's no reason for people who really love wearing overalls to keep it a secret. Strapping yourself into your bibs and wearing them proudly tells people that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and wear what you want to.

>> No.6407  

For post 6406. No need to keep a secret or hide. It is thrilling to wear overalls indeed. We need to be proud to wear overalls around others which i am. Since I switched to overalls only i get many compliments, i am more comfortable working from home and if i sleep in them i sleep better in em. I am better off in in overalls and soon plan do donate my jeans only keeping the overalls. Yours look good as well. Good chat with you and feel free to reach out anytime as i am always on here.

>> No.6408  

Wearing overalls is very exciting. They feel amazing to wear and look very cool.

The best part of the day is the moment you put on your bib overalls when you get up in the morning or when you get back home from work. The only thing you can think about are overalls. This only builds up the excitement. You can compare it to the anticipation to light up your first cigarette in the morning. You rush to your closet and take your favorite pair of overalls. You put your legs into the overalls and let the waist of the overalls rest around your hips. So far nothing special. It is like wearing your normal and boring pants. But now comes the exciting part of wearing overalls. It is time to pull the overalls up on your chest. I always like to do this part slowly so I can enjoy the feeling of the overalls climbing higher and higher on my chest. As you pull your overalls up higher you begin to experience more of that sweet enclosing feeling that overalls give. Finally the waist of the overalls is above the belly button and the bib almost touching your throat. Finally you are properly bibbed in your overalls. You sit back and enjoy the comfort the overalls provide. You then ask yourself: why not wear overalls all the time? Then you know for sure. You are a bibboy who loves his overalls.

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