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File: 1694746692267.png -(2097503 B, 970x1126) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2097503 No.6620   [Reply]

I'm quite new to wearing overalls. They're now one of my favorite things to wear, even if I'm a little nervous about wearing them in public.

>> No.6621  

Oh, and if you want to chat, here's my discord : hypersam

>> No.6622  

Nice you are beginning to wear. Overalls are amazing and we both share the urban outfitters overalls as i wear those as well and have the same pair you have. They look amazing on you. I only wear overalls and can tell you overalls are perfect to wear. I was a little nervous like you wt first but overcame that and decided to only wear overalls.

>> No.6623  

Thanks ! I like the urban outfitters one too, although this shade of blue can be a bit difficult to match with shirts other than white or black. The black one (from boohoo) is the pair I wear the most.
I want to wear overalls more often, but I'm a very shy guy who cares a bit too much about other's opinions, and I'm the only one in my family and friends who likes overalls, so yeah...

>> No.6624  

Welcome. Overalls are amazing to wear for sure. The urban outfitters are amazing to wear as well but can be hard to style sometimes. I have the light and mid blue both. I love your black overalls as they look amazing. Eventually i want to get a black pair to my collection as well so it adds to my only overalls routine. That will take time though. Glad you are wearing and with what you have confidence level will go up as you wear more snd more

>> No.6625  

One of the reasons I wear the black pair the most is because I can easily dress them up with a nice button down shirt. Also, the legs are not as wide as the two others, as I'm not that used to wearing baggy pants.
Oh, and one nice thing is that overalls seam to slowly comeback in fashion in Montreal (where I live), because I can see guys wearing some from time to time in the streets, in the subway and even in my university :)

>> No.6626  

That is a good plan for sure. I want to do the same so i can continue overalls only. Overalls are coming back in style in my area and just switched to overalls only. Eventually ill get a black pair and be good to go

>> No.6627  

I personally think of buying a dark blue one and a brown one next. Oh, and I don't know if if you have instagram, but here's mine : samuelmorency74

>> No.6628  

Adding you now

>> No.6629  

Good idea as well and those are great colors to have

File: 1693590578053.jpg -(3306634 B, 1856x2940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3306634 No.6617   [Reply]

Spent in my comfy worn out overalls

>> No.6618  

Soft worn in overalls are extremely comfortable. Also great to wear during the night.

>> No.6619  

Nice on this. These look amazing on you and great you wore. I wear overalls everyday and it’s always great to wear. Just curious though do you always undo the side buttons when wearing? Thinking about trying myself

File: 1690612884407.jpg -(1208888 B, 2117x3235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1208888 No.6585   [Reply]

Do you Like EM?

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>> No.6597  

Mine were also snug at my waist and I liked the surrounding feeling of that. But I also liked the feeling when the straps pulled tight on my shoulders and I often made them tighter after sitting down.
Did you wear them often with s belt?

>> No.6598  

It would drive me crazy if my straps were too loose and kept falling off of my shoulders! It's better to tighten your straps... then you won't have to hitch them back up onto your shoulders all the time.

>> No.6599  

The Arizona bibs straps were rather narrow and would cut into your shoulders a bit. I liked the Oshkosh brand with the vestbak and wider straps, they were much more comfortable. Those also didn't fall down if wearing them loose.

>> No.6600  
File: 1691734810602.jpg -(1131111 B, 1593x3703) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here a nother pair

>> No.6601  

>>6600 Those black overalls look really nice! What brand are they?

>> No.6605  

They r from Tommy Hilfiger

>> No.6613  
File: 1693429962806.jpg -(30767 B, 272x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

When people buy overalls, they often come with the straps pulled out as long as they'll go. If you wear them without adjusting the straps (making them shorter), the straps will fall off one or both shoulders whenever you're sitting down.

>> No.6614  
File: 1693430300191.jpg -(75577 B, 471x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I recently bought a pair of overalls like this and had to adjust the straps after I tried them on for the first time.

>> No.6615  

I took picture >>6614 before I adjusted the straps on my new pair of overalls.

>> No.6616  

I do the same when i buy a pair. I adjust the straps all the way up for a perfect fit. I have to be bibbed up at all times so i always adjust so i can only wear overalls

No.6612   [Reply]

You know I find it really sad what has become of this website. This is supposed to be "boys in overalls" not "men in overalls". If there really is such an interest in men in overalls, why don't you create a new category just for men

No.6602   [Reply]

How do you guys put your overalls on? Pull them up and Button the side buttons first then hook the bib or hook the bib first? Or hook the bib before pulling them up and then pull the straps over the side of your shoulders

>> No.6603  

I only wear overalls that have a slightly baggy fit. Since the overalls are baggy, I am able to pull them up with the side buttons still buttoned. Also, I never have to undo the side buttons when I take my overalls off. The straps are the only thing keeping the overalls from falling off of my body.

>> No.6604  
File: 1691816020403.jpg -(461119 B, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is how I put on my overalls everyday: With both of the straps unfastened and the bib hanging down, I pull the overalls up to waist level. I lift up the bib and hold it against my chest, using my right hand. With my left hand, I reach back and grab the left strap, then hook it to the bib. With my right hand, I reach back and grab the right strap and hook it to the bib.

>> No.6606  

This is exactly how I put on my overalls as well. It looks like you are wearing your overalls pulled up pretty high which looks very good. If you want, could you make a picture of your overalls in full view so we can see how the crotch area of your Dickies overalls look like?

>> No.6610  
File: 1692828412989.jpg -(1306521 B, 3216x1448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.6611  

For the last post. Those look amazing. I only wear overalls and have those same ones. Dickies are amazing overalls

File: 1691307433584.jpg -(15865 B, 350x465) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
15865 No.6594   [Reply]

No.6107   [Reply]

At what did you start wearing overalls? I was 13, when an order for jeans ended up being bib overalls. We were going to return them, but i tried them on and they fit well. I was a bit bashful to wear them at first, but soon liked them better than jeans.

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>> No.6205  

The brand is called "Uskees" and the specific model was called "Christopher". I think they don't make them anymore.

>> No.6206  

Thank you. I appreciate the info on that. The design of your overalls and the bib itself... look a lot similar to "traditional" overalls. I only prefer to wear overalls that have a simple bib which covers almost all of my chest area. They also must have a large bib pocket.

>> No.6577  
File: 1688578780681.jpg -(2210415 B, 3968x2232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I recently found a brand new pair of Uskees Christopher overalls on ebay and bought them. I still need to adjust my straps to get the perfect fit. The denim is pretty lightweight, yet confortable.

>> No.6578  
File: 1688578986304.jpg -(1882486 B, 3968x2232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.6580  
File: 1689022405565.jpg -(99150 B, 347x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those are some pretty awesome looking overalls! Once you get the straps adjusted, I'm sure they will fit wonderfully. I would tighten up the shoulder straps and get them to be as short as possible.

>> No.6581  

Could not agree more. Straps should be short as possible for the best fit. I only wear overalls and that is the best fit for me. I even wear dickies as well.

>> No.6582  

Dickies overalls are available in other colors, besides the most popular Stonewashed Indigo Blue (SNB) and Indigo Blue (NB). The "DB100" style comes in "Brown Duck", "
Black" and "Timber Brown". I've been considering ordering a black or brown duck pair to add to my collection.

>> No.6583  

I have been considering as well and will eventually get other dickies styles. I only wear overalls and always keep stocked. Dickies are amazing overalls and always enjoy wearing

>> No.6584  
File: 1690320953781.png -(444654 B, 440x621) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Back then in 2003 Czech Republic very few guys wore overalls. I was 6 years old at the time, and I still remember my first feelings of wearing overalls. One day my mom took me to a newly opened secondhand store to get new pants. I saw her take the overalls out of the pile and tell me to go try them on in the stall. I was excited about them. After putting them on I had to show my mom, and I came out and a friend from preschool saw me, he came with his mom too. I saw my friend looking at me and smiling. At that moment I felt embarrassed. My mom said I was going to grow into them, perfect for the beginning of school, and said I should leave the overalls already on. At that moment I felt happy but also embarrassed. When I got to kindergarten a few of my classmates started calling me a baby and making fun of me. But I didn't want to stop wearing them because of that. After a few weeks of proudly wearing the overalls, the taunting stopped a little. Then the bullying continued in 1st grade. But I liked them enough to wear them until 5th grade.

>> No.6586  


I would love to discuss your life with overalls. I wished I had overalls when I was a kid so you were lucky!

All of your stories are inspirational! I started wearing them at 21, sadly. Had the Lee mega bib that Niall Horan wore and ever since, I kept buying new ones. Got two pairs of Carhartt WIP and one pair of vintage Dickies and I love them! :D It was scary wearing them in public, but whenever I see another guy wear them in my hometown, I get excited and want to wear them again. I even got complimented over the years, so it's worth the risk for the joy! We can all normalise them so more guys will wear them.

I would love to discuss more on Discord. shreddedwheat_ :)

File: 1688919541796.jpg -(195261 B, 921x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
195261 No.6579   [Reply]

At the time when I was in elementary school, it was fashionable to wear overalls. I remember standing in the corridor and looking at who was wearing what, what kind of clothes they were wearing. This garment piqued my interest even then. In high school, this got stronger and I realized that I really wanted to wear overalls. By then, I already had a concrete desire to show others how I was wearing it, to wear it openly and honestly. I started shopping, looking online in this direction. So far, I have only dared to wear them openly and uncovered during my travels abroad, never in my living environment or during my work. Or at home, in my own environment. I would prefer to wear it every day, but unfortunately I live in a country where people are quite prejudiced.

File: 1670167428067.jpg -(71827 B, 640x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
71827 No.6394   [Reply]

I started wearing overalls in my teenage years. They made me feel excited, but also super embarassed at the same time. The cool kids in school didn't wear overalls, so I always felt like standing out while wearing them. Especially as I dared myself to wear them openly without anything to cover them.

But I kept wearing them, even though I got bullied for it quite a lot. But I wanted to become a proper bibboy, so I kept with it. This site here helped me alot in doing so.

Also I found many overalls friends that way. Many of you seem a bit on the kinky side, but that's okay! I don't mind being lewded while wearing overalls. For me it has become part of being a proper bibboy! I hope to make many more friends in the future who feel the same way!

>> No.6395  

Your story is the same as me. I wore in my teen years and got bullied a bit but stuck with it until college where i was forced to take a break due to dress codes on group projects. Flash to now i work from home and realized how much better overalls are and switched to overalls only. I am much better off and this site helped me get there. I am just a person who prefers overalls and loves to chat.

>> No.6406  
File: 1670362487874.jpg -(128519 B, 292x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's exciting and thrilling to wear overalls around other people, even though you may never see another person wearing them. There's no reason for people who really love wearing overalls to keep it a secret. Strapping yourself into your bibs and wearing them proudly tells people that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and wear what you want to.

>> No.6407  

For post 6406. No need to keep a secret or hide. It is thrilling to wear overalls indeed. We need to be proud to wear overalls around others which i am. Since I switched to overalls only i get many compliments, i am more comfortable working from home and if i sleep in them i sleep better in em. I am better off in in overalls and soon plan do donate my jeans only keeping the overalls. Yours look good as well. Good chat with you and feel free to reach out anytime as i am always on here.

>> No.6408  

Wearing overalls is very exciting. They feel amazing to wear and look very cool.

The best part of the day is the moment you put on your bib overalls when you get up in the morning or when you get back home from work. The only thing you can think about are overalls. This only builds up the excitement. You can compare it to the anticipation to light up your first cigarette in the morning. You rush to your closet and take your favorite pair of overalls. You put your legs into the overalls and let the waist of the overalls rest around your hips. So far nothing special. It is like wearing your normal and boring pants. But now comes the exciting part of wearing overalls. It is time to pull the overalls up on your chest. I always like to do this part slowly so I can enjoy the feeling of the overalls climbing higher and higher on my chest. As you pull your overalls up higher you begin to experience more of that sweet enclosing feeling that overalls give. Finally the waist of the overalls is above the belly button and the bib almost touching your throat. Finally you are properly bibbed in your overalls. You sit back and enjoy the comfort the overalls provide. You then ask yourself: why not wear overalls all the time? Then you know for sure. You are a bibboy who loves his overalls.

>> No.6560  

I love the feeling, sensation and comfort of wearing overalls -- especially when I first put them on in the morning. I had only wore them occasionally in middle school. Now as an adult, I own several pairs of my own and have started wearing them more often. I cannot understand why people wear overalls with one strap on and one off. It just seems wrong. Why would you wear them like that?! One morning, when I was in school, I was running late and only fastened one strap on my overalls. My mom stopped me before I left the house and re-hooked my undone strap, thinking that it was an accident. Lol. Thanks, mom.

>> No.6566  
File: 1687650941353.jpg -(329212 B, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was looking through some photo albums of pictures that my mum had taken back when I was a teenager. I found several pictures of me wearing overalls. I remember begging mum to buy me some, after seeing them for sale in a mail-order catalog. She was surprised because not very many boys my age wore them at the time, mostly the girls did. She was glad to see that I wore them quite frequently!

>> No.6567  

Dickies overalls are one of the best brands available. I recently ordered my first pair of overalls, ever and found them to be very comfortable! They are long and slightly loose on the top. I am impressed by how well they fit my legs, hips, and butt. I rolled up about six inches from the legs so I wouldn't be tripping over them. Then I tightened the straps as far as they’d go.

>> No.6573  

awesome combo with the sweater

>> No.6576  

Thanks, man! I agree. Sweaters work well with overalls. Stay bibbed and don't forget to share your love for overalls!

File: 1687985695654.png -(262052 B, 436x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
262052 No.6570   [Reply]

My overalls fit snugly around my waist. My pants don't fall down when I let the bib and straps hang. I'm not brave enough yet to wear the bib up and fully fastened.

>> No.6571  

That takes time to get used to and do. Once you strap up they will look amazing on you for sure. The straps will feel great on your shoulders with bib up. Now just curious when you wear down do you keep shirt tucked into bib or no? Just curious as if no i would suggest that to help you.

>> No.6572  

Folks will love your overalls bibbed up ad well and youll get compliments as well

>> No.6574  

Hope that helps

>> No.6575  


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